Cool ski gadgets for a great winter sport

The world of winter sports is not exactly the most innovative industry when it comes to gadgets. In skiing and snowboarding it mainly comes down to your own coordination, endurance and flexibility. Nevertheless, cool winter sports gadgets regularly appear that show that there are indeed innovations on the slopes. Gadgets that make the winter sports holiday just that little bit more interesting. We have collected ten: these are the ten ski gadgets that you want to take on winter sports as soon as the weather is possible!

Gradually all kinds of innovations are introduced in the world of skiing and winter sports. Skis are getting lighter, easier to turn and more responsive. There is also a lot of news to report in the field of cool ski gadgets. For example, winter sports enthusiasts can look forward to a hat with integrated bluetooth speakers, hand warmers that also function as a power bank and a special backpack for the ski lift.

We list ten cool ski gadgets. These are the must-haves for winter sports!

# 1 Get on the slopes with a digital ski coach

Whether you are a beginner or reaching the point where you are unsure of how to improve your technique, a coaching companion is ideal! However, a ski instructor is quite pricey and a bit limited in terms of the time he spends with you. Fortunately Carv came on site to offer personalized coaching completely digitally. The app connects to dozens of sensors in the sole that constantly measure foot pressure, tell you exactly how you are skiing and whether your balance is as it should be. Advice is then calculated and passed on via the earplugs you have in. So you get immediate feedback while skiing. It’s a great little gadget that will really help you boost your confidence and develop new skills.

# 2 Unbreakable magnetic ski goggles

Some gadgets have become indispensable on the slopes. What you always want to have with you are ski goggles with a spherical lens. The spherical lens ensures that you have a natural image and a wide field of view. The ski goggles from Bluetribe not only look very nice, they also have a super flexible frame that can take a beating. They are compatible with the ski helmet and you can quickly and easily change your lens due to the ultra strong magnetic closure. So easy that you don’t have to take your gloves off. The Dutch ski goggles brand Blueprint also has very nice ones goggles where you can change the lenses in no time (because: magnetic). In addition, you can easily attach a new elastic band when it needs to be replaced. Not too expensive and with all kinds of useful features.

ski gadgets: bluetribe ski goggles

# 3 Special backpacks for the ski lift

Especially in the ski lift, backpacks are but nothing. They always get in the way. With a backpack on your back you sit very far forward and when you take it off, it gets in the way at the front. LiftRider Backpacks, the name says it all, has brought backpacks on the market that you can keep on in the elevator and with which you can also sit well. The secret? The backpacks are flat on the back and have a little more space above the seat, so they don’t get in the way when you turn your back to the back. Furthermore, the backpack has a handy feature that ensures that you do not get stuck on a ski lift with your backpack. The backpack has a ‘release’ system with which the backpack shoots loose, and in addition, there are as few ‘protrusions’ on the backpack that you can hang on to.

The Wolffepack company also made a backpack for the ski lift. The Wolffepack backpacks can be worn both at the front and at the back and the unique thing is that you do not have to take off the shoulder straps for this. If you need something from your backpack or if you don’t have room for the backpack on your back – such as in the ski lift – you click the bag loose and swing the bag forwards. It is a super simple concept with a well thought-out implementation. And the bag is not only handy in the ski lift, but also in daily use.

# 4 Ski helmet with Bluetooth

If you want to combine safety with a number of smart functions, in particular the ability to play music via bluetooth without needing headphones, then the helmets from Livall, for example, are the solution. The RS1 lets you clearly listen to music through the built-in speakers (or, for example, Carv’s instructions) through its earplugs. It is important that the surrounding world is not drowned out, to help you avoid other skiers or dangers. In addition, they look great and are not much more expensive than a normal helmet.

There are also hats and sports headbands with wireless headphones. An integrated speaker, which can be paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can listen to music with the hat, but you can also make hands-free calls. With the Gorilla beanie you can even illuminate your surroundings with the LED lamp that is incorporated in the hat. An ideal hat to take with you on your ski trip!

# 5 Sensors and apps to measure activity

Nowadays there are all kinds of apps and watches that can record your sportsmanship. For example the Fenix ​​5S from Garmin or the Apple Watch Nike Series. But special ski trackers like the Piq Robot go much further. It is a sensor that you can attach to your ski boot with a strap. You can measure all your activities on the slopes via an accompanying app. It is a collaboration between Piq Sport Intelligence and Rossignol, the French ski manufacturer. With Piq Robot you measure the duration of the efforts on the slopes, the (maximum) speed, the distance you have skied, but also G-forces. Freeskiers also measure the rotations, air time and landings of their jumps. And on the slopes you can measure the angle of inclination while carving.

montelino trail

# 6 Ski boot aid – for putting on your ski boots

Some winter sports gadgets are so simple that you do not understand that this was not invented before. The SkiBoot Butler and the SkiZi Buckle Fastener are gadgets for those who cannot close the binding of their ski boots so tightly. Or can’t open it after skiing for a while. But now there is a real SkiBoot Butler who comes to your aid like a kind father with strong hands: it is in fact no more than an attachment that you can click on your binding, but that makes it easy to close or close bindings. to open. With a simple movement you close or open the buckles of your ski boots. Ideal for children or for people who do not have much strength in the hand.

# 7 Back protectors with airbag system

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A back protector (or back protector) is increasingly being used. Just like the ski helmet was not common in the past, but now it is. One of the real innovations on the slopes is the POC Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag (costs: 1,200 euros!). It is a kind of jacket without sleeves that you put on under your ski clothing, developed in collaboration with professional skiers and also made for people who race at a high level and still want to go down the slopes with some protection. It is a back protector containing a very smart airbag system, which, based on a specific algorithm, is able to distinguish between ‘normal forces’ and forces released during a fall. As soon as a fall is detected – and that happens in a thousandth of a second – the airbag will fill with air. The skier immediately has extra protection for the neck, chest, back, rib cage and hips.

# 8 Buff scarves, specialty ski socks, and touchscreen gloves

The revolutionary neck warmers are ideal for every outdoor athlete because they can be worn in many different ways. Multifunctional scarves that change into a hat, dust mask or ear warmer in an instant. Warm, super soft and very comfortable. The reversible Polar Buff can be worn on both sides and Polartec is breathable, so you won’t sweat too much.

Many winter sports enthusiasts suffer from pressure points and / or blisters after a long day of skiing. In good ski socks you will find reinforcement at pressure points where it is needed, for example on the toes, ankles and shins. They prevent the small aches that we all know. Good ski socks promise that these annoying aches and pains are a thing of the past. The shins and knuckles are additionally protected by special gel inserts. By using extra material at the nose and heel, these are optimally protected against blisters. The well-considered material mix consists of breathable and quick-drying fibers. This way your feet stay dry and cool off less quickly. There are also heated ski socks, from Kilimanjaro Wear for example. These socks use a heating element, a flat battery, which warms your feet on both the top and the bottom.

Special anti-slip touchscreen gloves are ideal if you want to be reachable when you are on top of the slopes, or if you like to take beautiful photos with your smartphone. And there are mittens and gloves with heating elements. This way your hands stay nice and warm during a cold descent or in the ski lift!

ski gadgets - special anti-slip touchscreen gloves

# 9 Compression cubes

Thick sweaters, a winter coat, your ski pants. On winter sports you take various items of clothing with a lot of volume. If you want to save space, put your warm clothing in compression cubes. These packing cubes have a double zipper, with which you can squeeze out the extra air.

# 10 Stream live to the world

We have seen action cam’s on the slopes more often in recent years. Now there are also drones for even cooler images. AirSelfie is an affordable pocket-sized drone that you can connect to your smartphone to take photos or videos and share them instantly. Ideal for winter sports enthusiasts. Charging can be done with a power bank.
The Hover Camera Passport Drone is also very manageable for winter sports enthusiasts, because you do not need to use a remote control with this handy gadget. The technology that is incorporated in it recognizes your face and follows you automatically. In addition, the hover is foldable and therefore easy to carry in your backpack.

Looking for more ski gadgets and cool accessories to enhance your winter experiences? Then view this one 15 fun and useful gadgets!

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