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Coleman-Castle-Pines Tent

Setting up the Coleman Castle Pines 4L

The biggest challenge for many (novice) campers; set up the tent. We camp regularly, but we should certainly not call ourselves seasoned campers. One of our most important purchasing criteria for a tent is the ease of setting up. And with that, the Coleman Castle Pines 4L tent scores extremely well.

Set up Coleman family tentColeman tent

Even if you’ve never set up a tent before, setting up this Coleman Castle Pines 4L is almost child’s play. Set up is ready in less than half an hour, even with ‘help’ from the children…

Coleman Castle Pines family tent

When you first loosely fix the tent at the four corners with a peg after unfolding, you prevent the tent from blowing away in a strong gust of wind.

tent poles

The sleeping cabins are already hanging in the tent and because the groundsheet is fixed, you don’t have to pay any attention to it. When you have put all the pegs in the ground, the tent is really set up, complete with inner tent. Ideal!

camping with children

More experienced campers can also easily set up this tent without an instruction manual. Everything is actually obvious. In any case, you don’t have to worry about losing the manual. This is stitched on the inside of the tent carrying bag.


I think that once you get used to this tent, it can be set up in 15 (!) minutes.


The fiberglass frame is easy to set up, simply clicks together and stands like a house.

Dimensions Coleman Castle Pines 4L

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The sleeping area of ​​the tent consists of two spacious sleeping cabins with a size of 140 x 210 cm. The spacious living area is 300 cm wide and no less than 270 cm deep. The windows are equipped with a cover with a zipper, so that you can cover the window to the desired height yourself.

4 person family tent

The side door can be opened completely, but also open with a screen door. Ideal to respond to the wind or to enjoy a nice breeze.

tent Coleman Pines 4L

The awning at the front has a depth of 130 cm, which ensures that it will not rain directly inside during a small rain shower. The canopy is a great advantage of the tent, provides more shade and offers an extra possibility to ventilate. And wonderful to be able to sit outside in the evening, even if it is windy or raining.

awning Coleman-Pines-4L

Your shoes are always dry and if it is windy, you can sit well out of the wind.

Dark Sleeper Cabins

For a number of years Coleman introduced under the name BlackOut Bedroom darkened inner tents. The name says it all, a blackout tent ensures that it remains dark in your tent. Such a dark tent is not only pleasant for people who go camping in areas where it does not get dark or hardly gets dark in the summer, such as Sweden or Norway. A darkened inner tent is also ideal for small children, who not only often have to take a nap during the day, but also lie in their bed early in the evening. And also wonderful for the parents, that the children are also awake a lot less early because the sunlight in the morning does not enter the sleeping cabin. The kids will sleep soundly (and so will you!).

Coleman tents

The Coleman Castle Pines 4L tent is equipped with two excellent blackout sleeping cabins that block up to 99% of the daylight.

In practice it turned out to be really very dark in the sleeping cabins, so we also had to use a flashlight during the day if we had to look for something in the sleeping cabins. Only the zippers seem to give a kind of blacklight light, handy if you have to get out and you don’t have a flashlight at hand.

tents blacklight light

An additional advantage of the BlackOut tent is that the blackout material also has an insulating effect, so that the inner tent also remains a few degrees cooler in bright sunlight.

During the day it is no less than 5 degrees cooler in the Coleman Castle Pines 4L compared to a ‘normal’ tent.

Fortunately, there are windows with mosquito nets in both sleeping cabins, which makes it possible to let some (day) light into the cabins whenever you want.

Handy gadgets

In addition to the already mentioned BlackOut Bedroom, the Coleman Castle Pines 4L has various clever features that made us as campers really happy. Starting with a barrier-free front entrance, so I don’t have to stumble into the tent. Also very handy is the organizer that is located between the two sleeping cabins. Or the storage compartments on the side in both sleeping cabins, where the children’s drinking cups could ‘stand’ if they wanted a sip of water at night.

tricks family tent

Smartphones, chargers, flashlights, car keys, or not unimportantly, a bottle opener… you have found everything in no time.

Also the hooks on the ceiling of the tent (and in the cabins), here we could hang a light. But you could also stretch a clothesline here, for example.

The tent poles are made of fiberglass, which really saves a lot of weight. In addition, the tents have a welded cockpit with raised edges, which makes it easier to keep vermin and moisture outside the tent.

Furthermore, the tent is very light because of the three windows and the mosquito net in both the front and side entrance. Each window is equipped with a zip-up curtain, so you can choose whether you have the curtain open, closed or half open.

The mosquito net in both doors ensures that you can also keep the doors open on warm summer evenings without being punctured in your own tent. In this way the wind not only blows through in the tent, but you also still have an unobstructed view outside.

Specifications Coleman Castle Pines 4L

  • Packaging dimensions: 74 x 36 x 36 cm.
  • Weight: 23.1 kg.
  • Total: 13.44 m2 (sleeping cabins 5.88 m2, living space 7.56 m2).
  • Made with fire-retardant polyester with a PU coating.
  • Waterproof (up to 6000 millimeters water column).
  • Provides protection against harmful UV radiation (SPF 50).

coleman tent

Coleman Castle Pines 4L in brief

  • Easy to set up (even for novice campers).
  • Very spacious living area (with easy space for 4 chairs and a table).
  • The blackout BlackOut inner tent ensures that you do not wake up as soon as the sun comes up.
  • Entrances on both sides of the tent.
  • Easy to open and close ventilation points.
  • Zippers in the sleeping cabins provide blacklight light, useful if you do have to get out at night.

Review Castle Pines 4L

Conclusion review Coleman Castle Pines 4L

The Castle Pines 4L BlackOut tent from Coleman is a spacious family tent with large sleeping areas. There are handy compartments between the two sleeping cabins to keep personal items safe and easy to find. Such as a flashlight but also your mobile phone and wallet. We really liked that the dividing wall between the sleeping cabins can be zipped out so that we could create one large bedroom for 4 people. Ideal if you go camping with small children, who find it exciting to sleep ‘alone’ in a tent.

What struck us most compared to other tents is the enormous interior space. The weather was changeable and especially in the evening there was regular rain showers. Because of this we were forced to sit inside. However, with four chairs and a table, it is still wonderfully spacious.

Coleman Castle Pines

The tent offers space for four people and has an extra spacious living area with a long canopy. The awning with Porch Closure helps to keep camping furniture dry on the barbecue without sacrificing living space.

The special BlackOut sleeping cabins keep out 99% of the daylight for a pleasant night’s sleep. In addition, the BlackOut sleeping cabins provide pleasant temperature regulation, keeping your sleeping area cooler during the day and warmer during the night. This is achieved because the solar energy is stored in the surface of the fabric.

Finally: there is nothing more annoying than not having to put the tent in the storage bag after a camping holiday. Fortunately, you don’t have that problem with the Coleman Castle Pines 4L. Although the storage bag was on the tight side, once the air was gone we got the tent back in the bag on the second attempt.

Castle Pines 4L

Want to buy the Coleman Castle Pines 4L yourself?

Do you want to know more about the Coleman Castle Pines 4L tent? Or one of Coleman’s other family tents? Then check out the website of Coleman. In addition to extensive information, you will also find many photos and videos. We wish you a very nice camping holiday!

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