British Airways to reopen flights between the UK and Canada

The British flag carrier has resumed service to Montreal and Vancouver as a result of the UK update to Canada Safe Travel List of countries.

From now on, Brits with two hits will no longer need to be quarantined when they arrive in Canada.

These new destinations join the Heathrow-Toronto route, which was restarted in August. Gatwick-Toronto remains operational. On the other hand, Gatwick-Toronto remains closed.


British Airways is scheduled to operate seven regular weekly flights, although it will soon be operating nine.

These aircraft have less capacity than last year as the company is now using 275-seat B777-200ERs instead of 469-seat A380s.

Another aspect to bear in mind is that these flights do not have first class, but 48 seats in Club World, 24 in World Traveler Plus and 203 in World Traveler, according to simpleton portal.

UK-Vancouver flights available from today,

  • Thursdays and Saturdays: Heathrow-Vancouver, 1:30 pm to 2:55 pm
  • Daily: Heathrow-Vancouver, 17:10/17: 15-18: 35/18: 40 (depending on the day)
  • Friday and Sunday: Vancouver-Heathrow, 17:55-11:10
  • Daily: Vancouver-Heathrow, 20:35-13:50
british airways to reopen flights between the uk and canada


Montreal is now the smallest Canadian market for the UK

BA currently serves 5 weekly routes, as follows.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: Heathrow-Montreal, 17:40-19:50
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: Montreal-Heathrow, 21:35-09:10

Aircraft that fly to this destination regularly have 35 seats in Club World, 25 in World Traveler Plus and 154 in World Traveler.

british airways to reopen flights between the uk and canada

Returning to the UK from Canada

Canada was moved from the UK’s amber list to green on August 30th at 4am. The change implies that returning citizens will no longer need to pay for hotel quarantine locations.

Interestingly, the entire traffic light system for international travel could be undone in early October.

Heathrow Airport Chief Executive John Holland-Kaye believes the UK should focus on evaluating visitors in a person by person rather than countries as a whole.

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β€œIt was a good system in place to manage risk when we couldn’t assess individual risk. Now let’s move on to individual assessment,” he told Sky News earlier today.

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