Balinese tourists and residents shocked by 5.8 magnitude earthquake

the epicenter of earthquake, which was 124 km below the water surface, was located at 9.36 south latitude and 115.59 east longitude, or 74 km southeast of South Kuta, according to official information provided by the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency. from Indonesia (BMKG).

While there have been reports online claiming the quake was felt in Bali as a 5.5, their official assessment states the quake was 5.8 in magnitude.

The BMKG stated that this earthquake had little potential for a tsunami and that no additional precautions need to be taken in Bali, the adjacent Nusa Islands, Gili Islands or Lombok, where the earthquake was also very strong.

Bali earthquake sign

Residents of Java, Madura and Sumbawa also felt the effects of the earthquake, which was widely felt in Lombok.

The earthquake that hit Bali on Monday afternoon caused minor damage to buildings, but no deaths or serious injuries were reported.

A video in which the roof tragically collapsed over a local family’s kitchen in Kuta was posted on Twitter shortly after the earthquake by Indonesian newspaper BuddyKu Official.

Both inland towards Denpasar and along the southern coast at popular tourist resorts like Kuta felt the tremor.

I Dewa Gede Rai, head of protocol and communications at the Denpasar City Secretariat, told the Bali Tribune that he felt the earthquake as he sat at his desk. “I was still working,” he noted. “At first it was small, so I just got up. Then it got bigger and I immediately started running.”

The earthquake was also felt by nearby tourists, who were startled by the incident.

While many Indonesians are used to the feeling of an earthquake, it can be frightening and extremely confusing to experience one for the first time. Australian tourists in Bali told that the floorboards in their hotel rooms had changed.

The experience of an earthquake is often described as a head drop, sometimes feeling like an abrupt dizziness before the body recognizes that the sensation comes from the external environment. Others have noted how, despite the fact that earthquakes are often short-lived, time seems to almost stop.

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