Bali resumes mask mandate in crowded outdoor places

President Joko Widodo urged Indonesians to resume wearing masks in busy outdoor public settings at a press conference this week.

Talking from Jakarta Jokowi said: ‘I also want to remind all of us that Covid-19 still exists. Why [of this] both indoors and outdoors, the use of a mask is still mandatory’.

Furthermore, he mentioned ‘that regional governments, our district and provincial governments and the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) should continue to carry out booster vaccinations because this is really necessary’.

While not out of control, Indonesia’s caseload is growing. For this reason, Jokowi has reinforced the requirement for masks for everyone on all islands in Indonesia, including visitors to Bali.

This implies that masks are needed in crowded areas such as streets, beaches, parks and meetings. The mask wearing requirement is still in effect for indoor public spaces such as malls, theaters, workspaces and public transport. A mask is not required for outdoor activities such as gardening, sports, or eating outside other tables.

“If people are doing activities outdoors or in open areas that are not crowded with people, they [do not need] wear masks… however, for activities in [and crowded] spaces and public transport, masks must still be used.”

Regarding travel restrictions, he reiterated the recent decision to stop PCR testing for international travel.

He stated, “For domestic and international travelers who have received a full dose of vaccines, there are [continues to be] there is no need to perform PCR or antigen swab tests’.”

However, according to Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto, the country has plans to require tourists to provide proof of booster vaccinations if they wish to enter the country or if they attempt to enter busy public facilities.

As of July 17, Indonesian citizens must receive a booster shot before spending time in crowded public places and flying in the country or abroad.

The date for the introduction of booster vaccination for foreign travelers has not yet been announced by the Indonesian government. Java-Bali Covid-19 Restrictions Coordinator Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said last week that the new rules would take effect “in the next two weeks.”

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