Bali airport has not received any international flights since reopening 3 months ago

Despite reopening to direct international flights from 19 countries on October 14, no foreign or indonesian airlines resumed operations in Bali.

Unstable quarantine periods, visa policies and insurance requirements are often highlighted as the main factors preventing international visitors from returning.

“Until now there have been no scheduled international flights to arrive in Bali. Therefore, no passengers on direct commercial international flights entered [the province]”, Jamaruli Manihuruk, an official who oversees immigration affairs, confirmed on January 7th.

Earlier this week, Indonesia decided to reduce its quarantine period for international and national citizens.

plane landing in bali

However, spending 7 days instead of 10 under police supervision at a government-approved hotel doesn’t seem to be enough to lure anyone to its shores, especially as other Southeast Asian countries have reopened with less restrictions.

On the other hand, Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno attributes the country’s low number of international tourists to a worldwide aversion to travel, with Europeans putting off holiday plans until more favorable travel policies are in place.

Caught in the middle and suffering the most dramatic economic consequences are local tour operators who often criticize Indonesia’s strict travel restrictions.

Fortunately, Bali has begun to see a steady stream of domestic tourists, which is slowly but steadily restoring the tourism business.

Some foreign tourists also returned via Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport. There were also charter flights from other countries that landed in Bali.

Of course, that pales in comparison to the 6 million visitors who visited Bali before the pandemic.

“We are very grateful for the arrivals of domestic tourists. In December, an average of 15,000 domestic tourists entered the island every day. With limited international destinations and overseas travel restrictions still in place, Bali remains a top destination for domestic tourists,” he said. he said President of the Bali Tourism Board, Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana.

Adnyana also stated that the situation would be reviewed by industry players and the government based on the global development of the omicron variant.

“If the situation looks good, we hope that the number of mandatory quarantine days on arrival will be reduced and regulations on international flights to Bali will be reviewed,” he said. he added.

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