Baja California is open to tourism without any entry restrictions

Baja California is open again to tourists from all countries. Visitors are not required to submit a COVID-19 test or quarantine upon arrival.

The authorities reduced the level of risk from red to yellow.

Baja took the lead in creating and implementing “La Ruta Turística por México”, an initiative to standardize the biosafety protocols against COVID-19 and promote the reopening for tourism.

Baja California reopens – latest updates

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Update – March 15 – Baja changed to medium risk yellow on the local traffic light map

Thanks to a reduction from 53% to 50.7% in patients with coronavirus in hospitals in Baja California, the local government decided to change the state to “yellow risk”, which is not so bad for tourists looking for sunny days on sparkling beaches.

The change in color means that most tourist locations will increase their capacity levels and times to receive visitors.

As of now, Tijuana, Mexicali and Ensenada have opened their academies and sports centers with 66% of capacity; bars, casinos, nightclubs by 50% and hotels and restaurants by 75%.

Update – February 15th

Baja California went from red to yellow according to national data. State officials decided to switch from red to orange.

The allowed capacity for gyms, spas and sports centers is 65%, while for theaters, cinemas, shopping malls, public transport and churches it is 50%

Vaccination implementation

33,000 doses of the COVID vaccine arrived in Baja over the weekend. These doses will cover the second round of inoculation for health professionals in the state. The elderly are next in line to be vaccinated. (Source in Spanish)

Update – December 7

Baja California has reached almost 1000 COVID cases and since December it has the biggest warning (red light) in Mexico.

** The information below was updated on November 12 – for detailed information on the rules of the red zone, visit the full post, Opening for tourism in Mexico.

What does it mean for travelers to visit an orange state?

Baja California has just entered the “Yellow List. To check the interactive map of Mexico, click on here.

Getting to the orange list means that,

  • Hotels, restaurants, barber shops, outdoor parks and gyms are open to 66% capacity.
  • Shopping centers, churches, cinemas, theaters, museums and cultural events are allowed at 100% capacity.
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Can Americans enter Baja California?

American visitors are allowed to visit for any purpose, including tourism. No COVID-19 or quarantine tests are required.

What can travelers do in Baja California during COVID?

Reopening of Baja California for tourism - travel restrictions


  • Watch a movie with a friend or have a few drinks and play. Restaurants (1), bars, casinos, gyms and cinemas are open every day until midnight.
  • Work on that tan! The beaches are open for sports (6 am to 9 pm) and other recreational activities (10 am to 6 pm)



  • Enjoy local cuisine with no worries (except maybe packing a few pounds) Tijuana was awarded a “Secure Table”Distinction for its biosafety protocols.


  • Walk, swim, run and surf on the beaches of Rosarito from 6 am to 6 pm.

Guadalupe Wine Valley:

  • Be sure to visit the wineries while you are in Guadalupe, most of which are open to the public with limited capacity.


  • Restaurants and other businesses are open with 50% capacity in Mexicali. The authorities may be applying stricter measures at the moment.

For more information on which companies are open, check this link.

Best Places to Visit in Baja California

Reopening of Baja California for tourism - travel restrictions

Natural Parks

For most of us, Baja California means sun, beach and tequila. However, Baja offers much more than that. Uninhabited deserts, coral reefs and epic mountain peaks offer visitors the chance to get close to nature in person.

Tourist attractions

Now that the state has entered the orange list, it is time to visit some of these towns and cities in Baja.

How is the weather in Baja California?

Not too hot, not too cold. Sunny days and cool nights.

Best boutique hotels in Baja California

When in Baja California, visitors should not miss the opportunity to visit some of these cozy boutique hotels and contribute to the local economy.

COVID-19’s situation in Baja California

COVID-19 case report – March 15

Situation of COVID-19 in Baja California, Mexico
Situation of COVID-19 in Baja California, Mexico

The state has experienced a steady decline in COVID cases. To date, the State has notified 444 active cases and 35,401 recoveries. (Source)

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