Australia’s Ministry of Tourism confirms reopening before Christmas

Australia is expected to open its international border no later than Christmas, the Tourism Minister announced today.

Australians will be allowed to travel abroad without restrictions as long as the vaccination rate reaches 80% in their respective home states, Australian Tourism Minister Dan Tehan told a National Press Club of Australia event on Wednesday -fair..

“It’s another reason why everyone should be vaccinated and we have to follow the national plan that will open our international borders – at this rate, at the latest by Christmas,” said Tehan.

For those who think this ad comes from the blue sky, don’t do this. Australia has a flat and has followed carefully.

australia’s ministry of tourism confirms reopening before christmas

While Australia’s different states and territories have demonstrated unprecedented independence in responding to the pandemic and the needs of their populations, they are practically on the same page when it comes to following their reopening plan.

By now, citizens of most of the country have already passed phases A and B and are now preparing to move on to phase C.

This phase is triggered when the rate of fully vaccinated residents reaches 80%. This is where travel restrictions will no longer apply to immunized Australians, and blockades would only need to be “highly targeted”.

Hopefully, this will happen before Christmas, as the minister pointed out. But this is not the last phase. Another remains.

The final phase, also known as Phase D, will be reached when Australia has many effective vaccines and strain-proof booster vaccines available so visitors and residents can enjoy pre-pandemic lifestyles.

Let’s review the numbers.

Initially, the government expected to have 4 million people vaccinated by March and the entire country vaccinated by October. However, from september 22, only 32.3% of the population was fully vaccinated.

A few days ago, Premier Gladys Berejiklian of New South Wales promised to ease some restrictions on Covid-19 once vaccination rates reach 70%, with completion expected in mid-October. So far, only 46% of the eligible population has received the full course of the vaccine.

australia’s ministry of tourism confirms reopening before christmas

“For those of you who choose not to be vaccinated, the choice is yours, but don’t expect to do everything vaccinated people do when we hit 80%,“Alert Berejiklian at a press conference in Sydney.

Anyway, Qantas, the flagship of Australia’s national airline, has already outlined plans to resume international flights to some destinations before Christmas.

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