Argentina and Chile ready to reopen to US tourists on November 1

Fully vaccinated foreign travelers will be able to enter Chile and Argentina without having to go through the mandatory quarantine from November 1st.

Both countries were closed to international tourism and even the return of nationals for over 18 months.

Chile reopened its doors on October 1st in preparation for the upcoming summer season (December 21st to March 20th). However, visitors were required to observe a mandatory 7-day quarantine.

But not anymore. The “very low” levels of Covid-19 detected during the first week of the reopening gave Chile the necessary data to safely discard the November 1 restriction.

argentina and chile ready to reopen to us tourists on november 1

To be eligible for the benefit, travelers must be fully vaccinated and be able to produce a negative Covid-19 test.

Visitors must also fill in a sworn statement, which asks visitors for personal data and medical and travel history so that they can obtain the country’s “Health Pass”.

According to the country’s Head of Public Health, travelers should not book tickets to Chile until their immunization certificates have been approved by the Chilean health authority.

This is particularly important as the verification process can take up to a month.

Proof of travel insurance covering COVID-19-related medical expenses for a minimum of $30,000 is also required.

Chile’s closest neighbor, Argentina, will also reopen its skies on November 1st.