Americans will see drop in airfares after summer

According to data from Hopperthe offer search website and application, travel prices will drop by 40% in the first few weeks of autumn.

The cost of all aspects of travel has increased, including gas, airfare, hotels, food and more. As a result, Americans are spending much more on summer vacations now than they were before the pandemic.

This month is starting to bring some relief to travelers. According to Hopper’s Travel Index, the price of a domestic flight will drop to $286 round-trip by the end of August. This represents a 25% drop from the $400 maximum price for summer flights in May.

After Labor Day, the cost will be even lower. The average price for a domestic flight in September and October is $238.00 round trip. That’s 37% less than in 2019 and a savings of $142 over summer prices.

The cost of international travel is more variable. Airfares for travel in September and October dropped to an average of $754 round trip, a 19% drop from summer prices and a massive $179 discount.but it is still 17% more expensive than in 2019.

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Hopper advises booking domestic flights at least three to six weeks in advance to get the best deal. Book flights for overseas travel at least four weeks in advance.

When compared to peak summer prices, some popular West Coast destinations are experiencing the biggest price reductions in the fall.

The average round-trip cost from San Diego is now $252, a significant decrease from the summer high of $230. For the months of September and October, round-trip airfare to Portland, Oregon , cost an average of $314, a $218 discount off summer costs. Additionally, the average round-trip fare to Salt Lake City this fall will be $242, down $201 from early summer.

Hopper’s tips for booking autumn flights:

  • Keep an eye on prices to see when airline tickets start to drop. Enter your travel and destination dates into the Hopper app and you’ll be notified when a good deal is available.
  • Don’t leave it to the last minute. You’ll get the best prices if you book until mid-August to travel in September. Prices are lowest between three and six weeks before your vacation.
  • Midweek departure. According to Hopper, you can often save at least $35 per ticket by flying on Tuesday or Wednesday. Also, note that hotel nights are much more expensive on weekends than on weekdays. Friday nights were the most expensive in 2022.
  • Buy Travel Insurance to protect your trip from possible cancellations and delays.

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