Air Canada to resume 34 European, African and Asian routes from March 1

Air Canada is about to be relaunched 34 long haul routes this spring, including flights to top destinations such as Rome, Budapest, Copenhagen, Madrid, Tel Aviv and Milan.

Return routes will begin operating on March 1, with a flight from Toronto to Tel Aviv. More than 50% of the 34 routes are scheduled to resume in March and April.

“This is very exciting news for our customers, especially now that Omicron is behind us, countries are reopening and border measures are being eased around the world for fully vaccinated travelers,” said Mark Galardo, vice president Senior Network Planning and Revenue Management at Air Canada.

“Air Canada’s turnaround is well underway and gaining momentum, and we are pleased to expand our international network across four continents as we respond to pent-up demand.”

The announcement comes after the airline revealed the resumption of ten additional short-haul routes, including Toronto to Salt Lake City; Montreal to Atlanta, Detroit, Gander, Minneapolis, Nashville and San Diego; Vancouver to Austin and Halifax; and Calgary to Fort St. John.

Air Canada headquarters in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Here is a comprehensive list of Air Canada’s new European routes with start and frequency dates.

from Toronto

  1. March 1 – Toronto-Tel Aviv, quarterly, first week
  2. March 2 – Toronto-Amsterdam, three times a week
  3. March 2 – CDG Toronto-Paris, quarterly
  4. March 26 – Toronto-Lisbon, three times a week
  5. March 26 – Toronto-Vienna, four times a week
  6. March 27 – Toronto-Athens, twice a week
  7. March 27 – Toronto-Rome, three times a week
  8. April 15 – Toronto-Venice, once a week
  9. April 27 -Toronto-Tokyo Narita, three times a week
  10. I can. 2 – Toronto-Copenhagen, quarterly
  11. I can. 4 – Toronto-Budapest, quarterly
  12. I can. 4 – Toronto-Barcelona, ​​biweekly
  13. I can. 19 – Toronto-Madrid, three times a week
  14. I can. 30 – Toronto-Edinburgh, once a day
  15. I can. 30 – Toronto-Manchester, quarterly
  16. June 1 – Toronto-Keflavik, four times a week for the first week

from Montreal

  1. March 26 – Montreal-Rome, twice a week
  2. March 27 – Montreal-Lisbon, twice a week
  3. March 28 – Montreal-Athens, twice a week
  4. April 16 – Montreal-Venice, once a week
  5. I can. 1 – Montreal-Tel Aviv, twice a week for the first week
  6. I can. 3 – Montreal-Cairo, quarterly
  7. I can. 4 – Montreal-Casablanca, quarterly
  8. I can. 6 – Montreal-Barcelona, ​​quarterly
  9. I can. 12 – Montreal-Nice, three weeks
  10. I can. 21 – Montreal-Milan Malpensa, three weeks
  11. June 2 – Montreal-Dublin, three times a week
  12. June 2 – Montreal-Keflavik, three times a week
  13. June 4 – Montreal-Tokyo Narita, twice a week
  14. June 8 – Montreal-Algiers, three times a week

from Vancouver

  1. I can. 1 – Vancouver-Frankfurt, biweekly
  2. June 1 – Vancouver-Dublin, quarterly first week
  3. June 17 – Vancouver-Zurich, every four weeks

from Halifax

  1. April 30 – Halifax-London Heathrow, five times a week

As expected, frequencies start off low, some once a week, but progressively increase according to potential demand.

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