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Lately we have seen many developments related to sustainability. It seems to be a magical word these days. And that is beautiful! Because with only the Postbus 51 slogan that has existed for almost thirty years – ‘A better environment starts with yourself’ – we are not going to stop climate change. Obviously, it helps if you carefully separate your waste, take a cold shower every now and then, take the bike more often, eat less meat, bring your own linen bag to the store and switch to sustainable energy. But nothing will change structurally in order to solve environmental problems effectively. To achieve significant environmental improvement, sufficient people must voluntarily act in a sustainable way, companies must innovate and the government must change the social rules of the game. Fortunately, the support base is growing and with his campaign Green Up Protest now challenges you to commit yourself to a sustainable world.

Green Up!

Protest sees the sustainability challenge as a journey that is best cut into small pieces so that it can be completed. Protest wants to make it clear that it is about what you can do with what you have. Set yourself a goal, which you don’t have to achieve in one go. Divide your goal into smaller intermediate goals; divide your journey into blocks you can build on. One block after another paves the way to sustainability. Because if we are all working towards a more sustainable world, only then will you see real results. And you can do that while you do what you like! Protest athletes show it with their durability challenges.

Protest Green Up

Get inspired: Protest athletes challenge themselves to live more sustainably

The Green Up challenge – sustainable challenges

One of the ‘building blocks’ on the road to sustainability is creating awareness. To motivate you and give you ideas, Protest asked some team riders (duos) to think carefully about what they can do and how they can help make people more aware of what is happening to the earth. Sustainable challenges that they can pursue with their own sport and where they focus on a part of the earth that they personally care about. The ideas were great. Last winter the boys took us on their adventures. This summer it’s the girls turn: pro surfers Alazne Aurrekoetxea and Laura Coviella are taking on the Green Up challenge!

From cleaning up litter while hiking (A Green Clean Up) to surviving with as little stuff as possible (Green Up Essentials). ‘Green Up North’ is the sustainable journey of the Dutch kite surfer Roderick Pijls. He travels by sailboat, train and electric car to Lofoten in Norway. His ultimate dream: surfing under the Northern Lights. You can see the winter challenges in the film clip below.

Find out more about Green Up and learn how the riders contribute to a greener world.

Sustainability at Protest itself

Protest is Greening Up! And they do this in phases, step by step. Protest’s clothing is often made from innovative and sustainable fabrics; bamboo, organic cotton and even recycled plastic PET bottles. Of the well-known bottles, indeed. Where clothing wears out quickly, recycled nylon is used from discarded fishing nets. Recycling is key. The packaging required to ship the clothing is also made from recycled paper and polyester. The buildings, including the roofs of Protest Sportswear and sister companies, have been covered with 10,000 solar panels since 2018; enough to be self-sufficient and even return power. *

PVRE Green is part of the Green Up initiative. The PVRE Green collection is a fusion of the highly functional PVRE line and sustainable production. For the summer collection, this means superior technical board shorts made from recycled polyester and board shorts made from bamboo. All women’s swimwear will be PFC-free from 2020 and from this year also all girls’ swimwear and some of the men’s swimwear. Protest has set itself the ambitious goal of being PFC-free by 2022 and replacing all PFCs in the collection with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Protest summer collection Hungry for travel

From the FW2020 collection, the polybags have been made from recycled plastic

The SS21 summer collection

Protest is not only fully focused on sustainability, every year the sports and lifestyle brand Protest comes with cool summer items. Boardsports are central in the summer. Although I like to buy my winter sports clothing and surf clothing there, you can also go to Protest for clothing for everyday life. From a cheerful tunic for it on the beach to floral blouses or a cool one skirt with print. Like every season, Protest has a number of nice items with animal print in the collection this summer. The leopard print remains a classic, but the pants and shorts with zebra print are also on the rise.

They also have a really cool streetwear collection this year. NXG stands for next generation streetwear with a luxurious appearance. NXG stands out for its use of high-quality fabrics, authentic washing and striking details. Supple clothing with a comfortable fit, perfect for those days when we still have to work at home.


The summer collection also includes trendy bikinis with cool prints and dashing dresses in all kinds of colors. This year’s swimwear collection features many luxurious fabrics and textures, such as shiny bikinis and velvet bottoms. The mix and match bikinis are great, so you can choose exactly the type of bottom and top that suits your figure, style and favorite beach look. This way you can combine endlessly and put together your unique bikini. Or go for twinning, because with so much choice it has never been easier to match the clothes of mother and daughter.

Protest also has a special sup and surf collection with factor 50 UV protection this year. Good to know: the majority of Protest swim and surf clothing is already PFC free. These are chemicals that are used to waterproof clothing, but are extremely bad for the environment.

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These are the coolest items from the recently released summer collection 2021!

Protest summer collection 2021

Protest summer collection 2021 Hawaii

Protest SS21 Bali

Protest SS21

Discover Green Up by Protest

Protest summer collection 2021

protest dress bali

Sustainable Protest summer collection

Examples of cool, durable Protest products are the Orion board shorts and the Mask surf shorts. The Orion boardshorts are made from recycled polyester. This material is produced by processing PET bottles into yarn, from which this functional fabric is woven. The boardshorts are also PFC-free to limit the use of this harmful chemical and to harm the environment. The great Mask surf shorts are shorts that can take you from the street to the waves without having to change your outfit. All Protest board shorts for men and swimwear for women and children are now PFC free.

Discount code SS collection Protest 2021

Good news for everyone looking for clothes for this spring and summer! Because this is of course only a small selection from the large collection that is online. With the code 10travel hunger you get a 10% discount on the entire collection, both on the new and older collections. This code is valid until August 31, 2021.

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