8 best TRAVEL PILLOWS for airplane to be used in 2021

Using a Travel Pillow it’s not just limited to travelers. All of our necks experience some discomfort from time to time, even when we are not traveling or backpacking. Sitting at the computer for hours on end can cause neck pain, so to speak. Even television addicts can attest to suffering from sore necks and backs, surfing the channels is not easy to believe or not! It comes with the territory of having to find comfortable positions on not-so-comfortable sofas and armchairs very often. This is especially true for anyone planning to watch their favorite series over the weekend.

The driving cause behind the invention of these wonderful and relaxing pillows is as follows: to achieve the best levels of comfort that a travel pillow can provide you, the intrepid traveler.

When it comes to choosing the right travel pillow for your needs, there’s something for everyone. From foam-filled cushions to air-filled cushions, for various shapes and sizes; improvements and tweaks are still applied to ensure your travel pillow’s maximum comfort for its price range.

The future is here and if we’re not going to take advantage of it, we might as well go back to the days when we carried bedroom pillows wherever we went., while also carrying their postural pains and accompanying pains. The pace has changed dramatically in the realm of travel pillows and you may wonder what the market has to offer.

The following selection is based on the findings of our market research and comparison searching for the best available travel pillows to suit your pocket and travel needs. It’s true that, as with all innovative products, there are some challenges, because all great inventions start by sucking and then adjusting.

8 best travel pillows for airplane to be used in 2021
  • high density viscoelastic foam
  • adjustable rope lock
  • strong support

This travel pillow is a good example of one that works just as well while traveling on a plane, bus, train, or car as it does while you’re on the couch watching your favorite show or in your home office reading your messages and researching your projects.

One of its main benefits is how soft it feels, although its memory foam feature is another one that many praise. Meanwhile, its cooling design, which reduces sweating, is also appreciated by many. It also comes with a high-quality sleep mask that many users are grateful for.

The dimensions of the MLVOC Neck Cushion are 11 inches by 9 inches by 5 inches, while it weighs 10 ounces.

Please note that it may have a chemical smell upon arrival, but it usually disappears within a few days. It may also take a few uses for your head and neck to get totally comfortable with it. However, once they do, all of their benefits will be fully enjoyed. Can also be used lying down if desired.

8 best travel pillows for airplane to be used in 2021
  • compact / minimalist / comfortable
  • hand washable
  • one-way air valve

Who wouldn’t want a travel pillow so compact it fits in a glove compartment?

This versatile travel cushion is suitable for all types of travel and is generally considered to be the best U-shaped airplane cushion available as it easily adjusts to the traveler’s comfort level. It is made from an exclusive removable bracket – a nice fabric that is hand washable or a gentle wash setting on your washing machine. This travel pillow comes with a removable soft cotton cover, providing comfort for your neck while you relax on your travels, so much so that you can cradle your neck without breaking a sweat.

ONWEGO travel pillow also comes with a one-way air valve that allows you to inflate and deflate the pillow in a few quick and easy breaths, meaning there’s no need to take up space carrying a pump.

A slight disadvantage It’s the innovative yet continuous design of this cushion that the inflation process can be inconvenient for some people, considering that the traveler will need to blow on the air valve several times to get the cushion in the right comfort zone.

In fact, it is advisable that you read the instructions that come with the pillow and practice inflating and deflating. The last thing you want is to find out how the travel pillow works when you need the comfort it offers. If snorting a little isn’t a problem for you, then ONWEGO might just be a travel pillow for you.

8 best travel pillows for airplane to be used in 2021
  • fully adjustable design
  • waterproof
  • ergonomic design tested

This is a new generation of Trtl travel pillows, the most popular on Amazon right now.

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Trtl designs are based on scientific engineering with ergonomics in mind to give you the best possible support for your neck while traveling by plane, bus or car.

As you can see in the video below, it’s very practical and makes a lot of sense when it comes to sleep, it will put your head UP more than inflatable pillows ​​and it will give you the exact comfort you usually crave on those long flights.

A disadvantage it could be its flexibility in terms of purpose. It’s totally perfect for an airplane or car, but it can’t be used in bed for regular sleep. But that part will be covered by your hotel, unless you’re going on some camping adventures. So if you want to be flexible, you might want an inflatable pillow.

8 best travel pillows for airplane to be used in 2021
  • soft/smooth material
  • compact / minimalist
  • curve drawing

This travel pillow is made of smooth velvet and has a cutting edge scientific curve design. that holds your neck up, providing support for all forms of travel, book reading and relaxation as well. For added convenience during cleaning and for laundry purposes, Metene has a washable and removable cover.

The fabric it is made of makes it great for use by children as it causes much less irritation. and because it’s light and easy to carry.

The travel pillow includes an air valve button that you can simply press to inflate or deflate the pillow in just seconds. An added benefit is that there is no need to remove the pillow to make adjustments for postural and comfort purposes.

A winner in the comfort and convenience departments, the Metene also marks value for money that comes with a 12 month warranty AND can also fit comfortably around the waist!

For ease and convenience of travel, this pillow comes with its own portable carrying case.

A slight disadvantage for those who take more time to adapt to their settings, it takes a little bit of a shake to get used to controlling the push button or air valveand. For those who don’t shy away from a bit of trial and error, you’ll find an environment suited to your travel needs.

8 best travel pillows for airplane to be used in 2021
  • can be easily attached
  • comfortable
  • different sizes

This chin rest helps prevent the head from falling forward while sleeping, thus ensuring that the head and neck are constantly kept in good posture; whatever position the trip may leave you at the mercy!

This travel pillow features a unique and innovative design, obviously patented and available in multiple colors.

Another winning feature of BCOZZY is its versatility, as it can mold the travel pillow to your liking. For example, if you prefer to sleep on your side, you have “reinforcement sides” that help provide your head and neck with the support they need while traveling.

The BCOZZY travel pillow is available in three sizes to fit the whole family: Child, Adult and Extra Large and has a built-in trapdoor so it can be easily attached to luggage. This versatile and easy-to-carry travel pad can also be machine washed for your cleaning convenience.

Red negative: Because that makes the travel pillow completely wrap around the neck, as comfortable as it’s sworn to be; it tends to get moist around the neck area after a while.

8 best travel pillows for airplane to be used in 2021
  • washable
  • quality foam material

Its patented therapeutic curl memory foam design allows the pillow to take the shape of the user’s neck., which makes it even more comfortable. It is woven in microfiber and has a cord that makes it easy to fit in the rest of your luggage.

This pillow is versatile in that it can also be used anywhere, anytime and is machine washable.. So if you’re using it at home to recline while watching movies or reading a book, the Memory Foam TravelRest Curl pillow is suitable for anyone looking for a great head and neck support.

TravelRest The Curl Memory Foam Pillow has been scientifically tested by NASA and the results show that it has proven to be great for people with severe neck problems.

Red negative: Carrying it can be a bit of a test for some people, as it doesn’t have a string or a carrying case. Despite all the small disadvantages it has, the TravelRest Curl Memory Foam travel pad has many more advantages.

8 best travel pillows for airplane to be used in 2021
  • small roll enlarged
  • full lateral body support
  • easily attachable

This inflatable cushion rolls up quite small, making it a super portable travel cushion.. In line with the innovative spirit of our travel pillows, Travel Rest is a patented product.

When traveling, the pillow easily attaches to the wings of an airplane seat, the headrest of a car and can even be used as a ‘messenger bag style’.

Another unique feature is the full lateral body support that prevents the person from falling forward.

It is also washable and suitable for children. Cover is sold separately.

Red negative: The pillow, unfortunately, only stays firm for a few months. In other words, if you are a frequent traveler, you may have to buy another one in a short period of time after purchasing the product.

8 best travel pillows for airplane to be used in 2021
  • easy to attach
  • soft material
  • internal support

A patented design combined with the Trtl scarf for warmth and comfort, its neck brace effect is created by an internal support system made to fit snugly between the face and shoulders.

It is scientifically proven to keep the head in a better position during upright sleep.

Weighing only half a kilo, the trtl pillow it is easy to attach to luggage and is machine washable.

Red negative: It gets very hot around the neck after a short period of time, if not in an air-conditioned environment. And they’re not exactly headphone-friendly.

We hope you found this Best Travel Pillows 2020 article helpful and that you have decided which one to choose. It is almost 100% proven (by common sense) that you will never regret this decision. A travel pillow is an absolute #1 travel gadget you must carry it on all long journeys.

Grab one and give your neck a proper rest! 🙂

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