8 Best Texas Beaches to Visit in May 2022

Where should I go on my next vacation? Is it time to pack up and get out of town? If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, consider visiting some of these beautiful places.

Texas it has a wide variety of natural beauties, from the rugged mountains to the sandy beaches. Whether you prefer to relax on the beach or walk through the woods, there is something for everyone.

Before we start our list of the best beaches in Texas, you should know how much they cost if you plan on visiting them more than once during your trip. The average price per person ranges from $50-150 dollars depending on your stay. It is always cheaper to pay by the night than by the day, because when you book directly through the website, you can usually find discounts of up to 50%. Some sites also offer discounts for students and military personnel. However, this will be based on availability, so please check before booking. In addition to the price, be sure to note any additional fees such as taxes, parking, etc.

If you want to save money on hosting during your visit, try searching online for the best deals. Multiple websites will display all available rooms and prices, making it easy to compare side by side. When you arrive at your hotel room, write down what else costs extra, such as internet access, parking, and breakfast. You can negotiate with reception to reduce these fees, but most hotels have set rates that cannot be changed without notice.

Best Beaches in Texas MAP

Best Beaches Texas MAP

8 best beaches in Texas

  • Padre Island
  • rockport beach
  • Praia do Passo de Sao Luis
  • Stewart Beach
  • Boca Chica
  • surf beach
  • Matagorda Bay beach
  • Crystal Beach

Common questions

1. National Coast of Ilha do Padre — Corpus Christi

National Coast of Padre Island

Padre Island National Seashore is one of the most stunning beaches you can visit as the island forms a natural barrier.

Visitors can camp, kayak, windsurf and swim in this protected area. The smooth and wide coastline is ideal for long walks.

In addition, aspiring naturalists can learn more about local wildlife and the rangers’ conservation efforts by participating in informational programs.

During the summer, Padre Island National Seashore hosts public sea turtle releases; don’t miss it if you get the chance!

Padre Island National Seashore is breathtaking whether you visit at sunrise, sunset or anytime.

2. Rockport Beach

Located 30 minutes west of Corpus Christi, Rockport Beach is considered by many to be the best beach in Texas.

Visitors flock here to relax with calm waters, white sand and beautiful sunsets.

The only downside to this location is the lack of shade. To combat this problem, the city recently opened two new public parks where you can relax under the trees or enjoy a picnic.

Visitors often return to this spot year after year, and while there are other great beaches nearby, many Texans consider it their favorite. If you don’t want to venture out, several comfortable trailer parks are located just a short drive from the coast.

It’s also close enough to San Antonio that you can easily spend a weekend exploring all that South Texas has to offer.

If you enjoy fishing or photography, try to visit when migratory birds pass through the area during spring. This is one of the most popular spots for birding because the winds drive away pesky insects and keep mosquitoes away.

So pack lunch, grab a pair of binoculars and set up camp in the grassy areas near the coast. The views will take your breath away!

If you’re looking for a great place to relax with your family, check out Rockport Beach.

3. Praia do Passo de San Luis

This beach is south of Houston, near the Galveston Island State Park. It offers stunning views as well as plenty of activities to get involved in.

The waters are calm, but visitors are advised not to swim closer than 100 meters from the waters due to the danger posed by the currents. However, swimmers can fish and boat away from shore.

Nature lovers will appreciate the nearby Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. This swampy complex offers several hiking trails, birding spots and fishing opportunities.

4. Stewart Beach

Stewards Beach is also located on Galveston Island, close to downtown. You can drive or take a bus to get there, but the journey can be quite long for most visitors.

Once on the beach, you can walk along the boardwalk past the shops before reaching the main attraction: the Gulf of Mexico.

Many people choose to spend their time strolling through the famous Strand district. Several seafood restaurants and bars offer live music.

Other attractions include the historic Moody Gardens theme park and the famous Museum of Science and History.

The beach is also family friendly. Families with young children can also enjoy its many activities.

5. Boca Chica

If you’re looking for a secluded beach that offers solitude and serenity, look no further. Boca Chica State Park is on the coast of Island of Padre do Sul.

On any given day, you’ll find families having fun together as they relax on the expansive sand.

The beach has a wide range of amenities including restrooms, showers, volleyball courts and a snack bar.

You should avoid walking on wet sand at high tide as it is extremely dangerous. Please note that swimming is not permitted in the surf zone.

6. Surf Beach

Surfside Beach is one of the few beaches in the US that offers free Wi-Fi and is open daily from sunrise to sunset.

You have to drive down a sandy road to get to the beach which makes parking a little tricky but definitely worth it.

Hungry? There is a small food stall to buy snacks like ice cream cones and popcorn. There are also several restaurants and hotels in the city center.

7. Matagorda Bay Beach

This beach is known for its crystal clear waters and stunning views during the day. At night, you can see ships passing in the bay.

It is surrounded by several restaurants, hotels and shops. You can also rent lounge chairs and umbrellas for $10 per person per day.

A warning sign reminds visitors to stay alert while walking near water. This area is home to alligators and many sea turtles, as the water temperatures here are warmer than in other parts of the state.

Matagorda County Park District has a full-service marina that rents boats, kayaks, jet skis, surfboards, paddle boats, fishing poles and more.

Guests can enjoy fresh seafood at local restaurants such as Bob’s Fish Camp and Captain Billy’s Seafood Shack. These companies also offer affordable parking.

8. Crystal Beach

This beach is located 15 miles north of Houston, near the city of baytown. This is a popular spot with locals who come here to enjoy the crystal clear waters. You can walk along the coast or rent kayaks or paddle boats to explore the area further.

This beach was featured in “Gattaca” starring Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. The actors built their own homes along the coast during filming, which you can still see today.

Fishermen love the water conditions around Crystal Beach, and the fishing pier provides a great spot to watch the action.

Other Texas Beaches

The above list of seven is frequented by visitors and locals alike. Other serene beaches you can visit include San José Island, Mustang Island or Farol Beach. If you want to escape civilization, you can even camp in remote coves like Conejos Point.

In addition to sunbathing, the beaches offer many other activities, including surfing, fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking, diving, golf, hiking, bird watching, boating, horseback riding, diving, sailing, swimming, shopping, sightseeing and more. . You can bring your equipment if you prefer this option rather than renting it from local suppliers.

Texas beaches vary greatly depending on the type of weather and climate you would like to experience; thus, we list them based on temperature ranges from coldest to hottest.

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