8 Best Beaches in the Cayman Islands to Visit in August 2022

Relaxing on a pristine white sand beach with turquoise water lapping at your toes and the sun warming your skin feels like a dream come true. O Cayman Islands offers all this and more for discerning travelers looking for the ideal Caribbean getaway.

A relatively small archipelago with a total mass of just 268 square miles and a population of only around 60,000 people, the Cayman Islands is one of the most unspoilt natural areas in the Caribbean. With pristine, well-maintained beaches that have consistently ranked among some of the best in the world, it’s no wonder that tourism is by far its main industry.

With countless stunning beaches with near-perfect year-round weather and access to countless water sports, these islands provide a vacation experience unmatched in the region. A sunny beach with a white sand coastline and crystal clear turquoise waters is certainly one of the most romantic destinations one can find in this world. When it comes to some of the best beaches in the Cayman Islands, there are several that have been voted by locals and tourists alike as the absolute paradise on earth.

The following are the 8 best beaches in the Cayman Islands in no particular order.

Praia das Sete Miles

Praia das Sete Miles it has a length of about 6.3 miles; however, it gets shorter annually due to erosion. Seven Mile Beach attracts more visitors for two main reasons:

First, the entire stretch is open to the public; second, most of the island’s opulent hotels and resorts are located here. As a result, people can spend the day at the beach and dine at the restaurants because they are accessible to everyone, not just international guests.

Many families come here because of the beautiful Atlantic seas. Plus, they can spend time snorkeling or scuba diving with their partner and kids on offshore reefs like Cemetery Reef. More so, visitors have the option of paragliding or tanning.

Seven Mile Beach has received global recognition and numerous awards, including the title of Best Beach in the Caribbean from Caribbean Travel + Life Magazine.

The capital is not far from Seven Mile Beach, so if you stay in one of the hotels there, you can easily head back to the city at night. You can also take a day trip for sightseeing or shopping.

Rum Point

Situated in the northern part of the island, Rum Point Beach has beautiful white sands and shallow, clear water, making it safe and conducive for children and adults to play. Rum Point is also serene and attractive. Couples can laze on the shore in hammocks or spend time together under the shade of the trees.

When hunger strikes, great food is available everywhere. Some of the best restaurants include the Rum Point Club, which serves dishes with a Caribbean flair. Visitors can have lunch at their preferred location, thanks to picnic tables scattered along the coast.

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There are many other activities that one can do on this coast, besides relaxing and swimming. Snorkeling equipment is available at Rum Point, and there are cabins with changing rooms where tourists can change into their bathing suits before venturing outside.

Praia dos Corais

Coral Beach is situated on the southern part of Seven Mile Beach and consists of over 300 feet of pristine white sand that slopes down to the crystal clear seas of the Pacific Ocean. The extensive surface of the coast makes it ideal for building sandcastles, outdoor encounters, peaceful nights with your partner and enjoying the sunset.

Restaurants offering native Caribbean cuisine and adult beverages are available at the neighborhood’s boutique-style establishments. In addition to playing beach volleyball, drinking coconut water and enjoying a variety of water sports, including paddleboarding, visitors can spend the day in one of the private cabanas owned and operated by these establishments.

As Coral Beach is part of Seven Mile Beach, people can also take the kids to snorkel in the coral that juts out into the water just a few feet from shore.

Star of the Sea Point

The abundant starfish on this particular coast has given it the name Starfish Point. It may not be the safest choice for younger children because the shallow water near the shore suddenly drops dramatically to about 10 feet deep in places.

Red starfish are most common in the shallow seas, where they can occasionally be found looking for food, and tourists have been seen taking pictures with them at Starfish Point. As a result, visitors dive to see marine life, including many other starfish at the bottom, in the deep, clear seas, which are also an ideal setting for snorkeling.

However, as Starfish Point has no corals, there are fewer fish and other marine life than on the other beaches. If you and your family choose not to swim, you can spend the day relaxing or strolling along the Starfish waterfront. There is a lot of flora, so guests can relax in the sun or under a tree.

Starfish Point can be reached by car or boat; however, as boats are more popular, there is a lot of traffic at sea. To avoid injuring yourself while diving, stay out of the way of boats.

Smith Cove

Smith Cove it is also known as Smith’s Barcadere. The beach is located about five to ten minutes south of Jorge City, near a cruise port. Ideally, it’s the first beach a cruise ship passenger can go to after arriving in Grand Cayman for a photo opportunity.

The beach includes everything a family could need, including picnic tables to prepare lunch when the kids get hungry, outdoor showers, and public facilities to change into your swimwear. Upon reaching the beach, visitors can enjoy the stunning turquoise waves, white sand and unrestricted swimming when they are close to shore.

Smith Cove is also ideal for snorkeling, as there is a coral reef about 30 meters offshore that is home to a large number of species. When swimming from shore, it’s just a minute away, and beginners can get there quickly too.

For a more breathtaking view of marine life, guests can take a boat to a barrier reef further offshore if they are experienced divers. After swimming, visitors can bring their children to explore the adjacent gift shops that sell regional artwork and other souvenir-worthy wares. Before returning to your hotel in the evening, the neighborhood offers the ideal location to watch the sunset.

Library Beach

Library Beach, in the East End, is a very peaceful place with few visitors, making it perfect for couples strolling along the white sand beaches while the children play happily in the sand. Due to the low number of tourists, the shore is short and offers no services, but it serves as a starting point for swimming or diving in the water.

The water is quite grassy and rocky, so swimming might not be the biggest activity. However, because it aids in their ability to grow freely and hide from predators, visitors can see young fish in this grass. This could be an amazing opportunity for young people interested in becoming oceanographers.

When it comes to food, travelers can bring some with them or check out nearby restaurants. Within a 3 mile radius there are amazing resorts such as Eagle Ray’s Bar & Grill and Eastern Star Bar & Fish Fry.

It makes more sense to rent a car because Library Beach is far from most amenities such as the harbor and airport. You can put all your bags in one car, which will be cheaper than taking a taxi.

Additionally, it gives visitors the opportunity to explore the neighborhood, which can include large hidden areas. Discovery should be part of your family holiday, not just visiting a beach or relaxing at the hotel.

Spots Beach

Spotts Beach is the best spot to watch the sunset because it is on the southeast coast. A glass of wine can be enjoyed while the children play on the beach, against the stunning backdrop of the reflection of the water on this south side.

Spotts Beach is about half a mile long and includes an array of amenities dotted throughout. Expect to see a white beach, clear water, natural pools, shade trees, beachfront condos and residences. Tourists can also expect to find iron shore cliffs.

People can try snorkeling if they can’t see turtles in the sand because they say there are small families of turtles near the beach. While visitors can get lucky during the day, the best times to see them are early in the morning or late at night. As there are not many boats in the waters around the beach, diving is not very dangerous.

However, proceed with caution and do not allow children to stray too far as there are no lifeguards and ocean currents can be strong. At lunchtime, families can have picnics and barbecues on the available benches and tables, then relax in the huts while enjoying the fresh wind.

bare feet beach

It takes about an hour’s drive from Seven Mile Beach to Barefoot Beach, located in the northeast part of Grand Cayman. Once there, you will need to park your car on the side of the road and then walk to the coast, as there is no official entrance or parking in this region. In most circumstances, there won’t be many people around, giving family and couples all the privacy they need.

About 100 meters from Barefoot Beach is a barrier reef, and visitors often bring scuba gear to see the aquatic life. Be careful, especially if it’s windy, as there are no boats nearby and people must snorkel from shore to get to the reef.

For children and inexperienced swimmers, it is preferable to stay away from the risky and time-consuming swim to the reef. While close to the coast, enjoy the clean seas. There are no hotels along Barefoot Beach, as the East End of Grand Cayman is generally less touristy and less developed than the west.

The beaches of the Cayman Islands are the most beautiful part of life. The turquoise waters and soft sand will make it a paradise for those who want to have fun and escape all their problems.

Visitors can spend time on this tropical island for a vacation worthy of memory. Tourists can sunbathe, swim or just relax on the beach without worries. If you are looking for a remote and peaceful place, I suggest you come to these islands because they are perfect.

People can enjoy fishing, diving and snorkeling during their visit. You can visit the waterfalls on Grand Cayman and swim with the sea turtles there. Whether you’re looking to escape reality or want a natural break from the daily grind of life, the Cayman Islands is one of the best places on Earth that can offer that perfect escape. It’s a country with undiscovered treasures and great beaches.

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