8 Best Beaches in France to Visit in July 2022

What better way to spend time than visiting the beautiful beaches of France? France has a culinary scene that you will also enjoy.

Be sure to see the fascinating and sparkling shores of the Mediterranean. Grab your sunscreen and get ready for a good time at the beach.

The best beaches combine France’s incredible architecture, cuisine and history to create a fantastic vacation destination. Below is a list of the eight best beaches in France that you must visit:

Best beaches in France MAP

Best beaches in France MAP

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Palombaggia Beach – Corsica

Palombaggia brings the image of a silky thread framed by sweet perfumed pine trees and flanked by pink granites. The beach offers an idyllic feeling and is just 10 kilometers from Porto Velho City.

It has over 1.5 km of unique white sand to enjoy. The beach also has turquoise waters and is very safe for children. Small children can cool off in the shallow waters.

In addition, stunning pink granite not only works for aesthetic purposes, but also can protect children from solid waves. Granites ensure that waves remain smooth, no matter how strong.

The beach also has the security bonus of having full-time lifeguards and it’s good to know that the south side of Palombaggia beach is less crowded and quieter.

Les Calanques de Cassis

The beach is a cove between Cassis and Marseille. You can easily reach it through the Parc National des Calanques Marseille. It is an excellent choice for nature lovers.

The beach has 15 calanques that you can enjoy. If you’re new to France, you’re probably wondering what a calanque is. It is a cove with a steep wall created along the Mediterranean coast and is typical for its white rocky cliffs. It has a beautiful palette of whites, blues and greens that blend seamlessly under the sun.

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The Calanques cover the coast, a distance of 20 kilometers between Cassis and Marseille. The best part is that the Calanques can only be explored by sea or on foot. Walking on the Calanque can take around 2 hours.

It offers fantastic opportunities such as exhilarating diving, rock climbing and impressive hiking. You can also enjoy Les Calanques de Cassis by taking a full-day boat or catamaran tour to explore the area. During the boat tour, you will have stops where you can snorkel and swim.

Plage du Donnant

It lies in southern Brittany in Belle-Ile-en-Mer. It is known in France as a surfing beach, and the sand is also lined with picturesque cliffs. The sand is coffee-colored, making it extraordinary, and also, guests can swim in the crystal clear waters.

However, it would be better if you only swim in designated swimming areas. The beach has lifeguards to ensure guests are safe and the rules set for the beach rules. Please note that Frisbees, boomerangs, kites and other similar activities are not allowed as they may annoy guests.

The beach offers an enchanting vacation experience through features such as a busy marina, restaurants, art exhibits, and craft shops.

The 19th century sardine fishing center has a Poulains lighthouse that was built in 1867. The lighthouse also features art exhibitions.

Paloma beach

Paloma Beach was named Paloma in honor of Picasso’s daughter. The jewel of the French Riviera is located in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat in the Alpes-Maritimes. The beach became an icon of the region in the 1920s and is a popular spot for many celebrities.

It is known for its laid-back life and 1960s vibe with narrow streets, boats, traditional houses and wooden platforms. It’s expensive and comfortable, but without any modern glamour.

The beach is located in a cozy place where you can enjoy the view of its impeccable features. The rocky cliffs protect the area from intense sunlight and wind. You can enjoy the deep blue sea surface view, yachts, beaches and villas. Everything is covered in lush greenery and vineyards.

At Paloma Beach, you can have the chance to meet celebrities and the panoramic view of the mesmerizing beach. The beach is covered by a limestone cove which makes the waves gentle so you can swim in the clear waters.

The beach contains rocky patches underneath that are often home to gilthead bream, starfish and seagrass meadows if you are a keen diver.

The pristine beach contains fine pebbles, which give the dark sun loungers a perfect look. No loud parties with drunks. Instead, it brings a contemplative and calming atmosphere. Guests can rent equipment such as yachts, piers, skis, water bikes and umbrellas.

Porquerolles Island – Hyères

Porquerolles Island is close to Hyeres, just a ferry ride away, on the northeastern coast of France. It is described as appearing to be straight out of a bounty ad.

The beaches are quite remote and offer fantastic views of the turquoise waters of several bays. It is a perfect place to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, whether you take a boat trip on the waters or on the sandy beaches.

Cycling is allowed on the sandy paths because this means of transport ensures a cleaner environment compared to cars.

Painted fishing vessels circle the translucent waters while the sweet scent of eucalyptus and pine trees wafts onto the beaches. The island of Porquerolles has grown to become one of the most magnetic spots in France.

Deauville beach

Deauville beach has 1.5 km of beach and can be found in Normandy, specifically in Calvados. It is the closest beach to Paris, making it the coastline for the rich and high society.

The beach’s elegant atmosphere has made it popular with locals and tourists alike. The beach resort has exclusive beachfront entertainment, luxury hotels and elegant golf courses.

It offers many top attractions such as marinas, racecourses, elegant golf courses, galleries, harbours, villas, grand sumptuous hotels, a conference center, chic boutiques and a grand casino.

Plus, there are great dining and shopping options to choose from. While still in Deauville Beach, be sure to walk along the famous boardwalk and take lots of pictures.

It is an excellent place for young adults, elderly couples and young families with children. The large open spaces will help with pacification and relaxation. It also offers the opportunity to participate in outdoor games and sunbathe at your leisure.

Also, Deauville being an elite place allows people’s comfortable life to progress but never overcrowding.

The soft golden sand of the beach is decorated by colorful umbrellas that make it more dazzling. Some of the beach huts were even named after directors and actors.

Côte de Granit Rose

Côte de Granit Rose is a stretch of coastline between Plestin les Greves and Louannec. It is among the most extraordinary coasts in all of Europe and offers unique and memorable moments.

The coastline curves to join islets and islands with the help of its sandy shores flanked by beautiful wine trees. It has some amazing features like pink granite rocks in pink color.

Granites light up when the sun’s rays touch them. You can enjoy your time at the beach by guessing the shapes the granite rocks are making.

It is an excellent place for hikers or people looking to spend a family vacation with its safe sand and incredible turquoise sea. The beach includes several attractions such as cycling, sailing, excellent camping facilities, swimming, ice cream parlors, museums, golf courses, boutiques, horse and pony rides, aquariums and family-friendly restaurants.

Pampelonne beach

Pampelonne beach is one of the most popular and longest beaches found near Saint Tropez. The ultra-exclusive beach is over 5 km long and offers great possibilities for you to meet famous people and celebrities.

Popular A-listers to visit Pampelone Beach include Naomi Campbell, Bono, Leonardo Dicaprio and Brigitte Bardot. The beach has a glamorous atmosphere brought on by the movie star guests it welcomes.

It’s also a fantastic choice if you want to have a relaxed day. The elegant beach has sparkling seas, white sands and exciting water sports to match the energy of a luxury dream.

The beach has the option to choose between sitting on private loungers or public areas. You can enjoy your time at the beach club using the comfortable lounge chairs and eating delicious meals in the private section.

Anyway, as long as you’re on Pampelonne beach, you can find a good spot to enjoy the sand without the price tag.

The perfect time to enjoy a good time on Pampelonne beach is at the end of September. At this time it is usually off-season and therefore less crowded. The fabulous beach boasts exclusive bars and clubs.

Don’t expect common goods like beach balls and watermelons to be sold here. Instead, vendors may bother you to buy a glass or two of champagne or pay for a foot massage.

final thoughts

France can make your holiday dreams come true with its many beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel. If you are ready to enjoy the sea and the sun, choose one of the eight suggested beaches for the privilege of enjoying the fabulous French Rivera and all that the French coast has to offer.

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