8 Best Baja California Beaches to Visit in September 2022

Everyone wants to visit a fascinating destination that is both captivating and relaxing while on vacation. Among the places to explore and create memories with loved ones are sandy beaches, wildlife and purpose-built attraction sites. Individuals can decide on a specific destination depending on their needs and wants.

The following eight beaches are fantastic destinations for travelers looking to visit. Baja California both for fun and leisure. Read on to learn more about the beaches, how to get there, and the unique things and activities you can expect.

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1. Santa Maria Beach

This beach is located in Cabo San Lucas along the Tourist Corridor. It is also close to the exclusive Twin Dolphin Hotel. Also, the waterfront is on Chileno beach, which is a relatively quiet place where people can easily cross to change the scenery.

Santa Maria It is accessible by car from Cabo San Lucas Marina. Individuals can also use a taxi or the local bus system to get there. People can even get to the beach using snorkeling tours.

On the beach, you can swim in the calm, blue waters. The beach is shallow, which makes it ideal for children; consequently, parents can enjoy beach time without fear of their children drowning in the deep waters.

Another unique feature of Santa Maria is the diving expeditions available. Also, people can enjoy sports activities such as paragliding. All this makes Playa del Maria a place worth spending an afternoon.

Beach amenities are located near the entrance. There are food stalls where visitors can enjoy their meals. There are also beachfront picnic tables.

2. Migrino Beach

Playa Migrino beach is situated along the Pacific, close to Cabo San Lucas. The coastline is popularly known for its unique whale watching experience.

Here whales are visible, especially during winter. Tourists should have their cameras ready to document the interesting adventure.

Visitors can also enjoy a number of other fun beach activities, including horseback riding on the sandy shore. In addition, they can take guided ATV tours, where they will experience tour guides who will take them along the beach and surroundings.

The coast has strong waves, which makes it unsuitable for swimming. However, this makes it perfect for surfers. Umbrellas are available on the shore where people can rest and enjoy the view.

3. Balandra Beach

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Balandra Beach Baja California

This coastal region is situated in Balandra Bay, on the eastern side of the peninsula. Balandra beach It is located in a protected natural area that can only be accessed from La Paz. Visitors can choose to use a car or a bus to access the beach. Anyway, it’s 30 minutes by car. The bay’s shallow waters allow people to cross to other parts.

Around the coast are desert hills of red soil. The mountains are dotted with tall cacti. In addition to the marine attractions, tourists can take pictures of this scenic beauty to create landscape photos.

The shallow depths and smoothness of Playa Balandra also make it child-friendly. They can comfortably stroll to the other side of the beach and play safely with their parents.

In addition to swimming, the calm waters make Balandra Beach ideal for snorkeling and kayaking. These low-impact activities improve a person’s respiratory fitness and muscle strength. They also allow an individual to relax after hectic routine activities.

Beach amenities include a picnic area with amazing views as it is in a natural setting. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the seascape and the nearby scenery of rock formations while enjoying some snacks.

4. Rosarito Beach

Rosarito Beach is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The beach is easily accessible by road. Visitors can use a bus or taxi from downtown San Diego to access the waterfront. The waterfront is famous for its lifeguard tower, which has trained personnel to respond to emergencies.

The beach has one of the biggest and most famous seaside resorts, the Rosarito Beach Hotel. This makes the waterfront crowded, especially during the summer when renowned personalities such as movie stars visit the spa.

The shore has excellent waves for surfing. Consequently, it is attracting surfers from all over the world for an enchanting experience. Additionally, the coastline has a stretch of sand where pilots can enjoy cruising.

The coast has incredible facilities, including a fitness center for travelers to train in comfort. Additionally, there is a gift shop where individuals can purchase souvenirs.

5. Tecolote Beach

The coastal area of ​​Tecolote is located to the north of the Bay of Bahia Puerto Balandra, in the municipality of La Paz. The coast is at the end of the road, about 25 kilometers from La Paz, in the southern region.

There is a wide variety of activities to enjoy at Tecolote Beach. They include sporting activities such as jet skiing or water skiing.

Visitors are generally advised to visit this beach from November to March when the rains have subsided. They should also note that prices can be relatively higher at this time because it is peak season.

Although the waterfront is isolated, drinks and delicacies from nearby restaurants are not too expensive. Tourists can enjoy delicious Mexican meals at affordable prices. Snack bars also provide drinking water to their customers.

6. Playa Los Cerritos

This beach is located in All Saints downtown, close to the Pacific side of the Peninsula. Visitors drive along Highway 19 to the town of Todos Santos to reach the coast. You can then head to Praia dos Cerritos, a few kilometers away.

People who come to this place can enjoy an amazing beach experience as there are so many fun activities to try. Among the most interesting activities is surfing. The gentle waves make the activity fun and enjoyable, even for beginners.

The coastline is enriched with shady historic trees that provide enough shade. This is advantageous for visitors who may have forgotten their sunscreen, as they are less likely to get sunburned. There are also comfortable lounge chairs under the shade to enhance relaxation.

The beach offers crystal clear water suitable for swimming and a great view of the aquatic life below. In addition, gentle waves make swimming safer for adults and children alike.

Playa Los Cerritos beach is dotted with amazing restaurants and bars. Restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, while bars have drinks, wines and whiskeys. Therefore, visitors will not need to interrupt their fun activities in search of food and drinks.

7. El Salito

This coastal area is situated in the southern region. It is about 20 km from the region’s capital, La Paz. This beach is easily accessible by car as it is very close to the road.

El Saltito is an ideal destination for people who want a peaceful and serene environment. It is located in a natural place between the mountains and, therefore, is suitable for those who want to rest from the hustle and bustle of large populations. Nature lovers can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, which are habitats for birds and wildlife.

Some people prefer to camp in the nearby mountains. From this area they have a splendid view of the beach. Bright stars often light up the golden sand at night, making for an amazing view.

The beach has clear turquoise water that is clean for swimming. Although the beach has waves, it is still swimmable. People can enjoy the waters overlooking the seabirds and marine life.

People visiting this beach shouldn’t worry about parking space either; it is right in front of the beach. As the coast is less crowded, visitors never miss a parking lot. This is a nice amenity that is not generally available at other beaches.

8. Praia do Amor

Commonly called Praia do Amante, this spot is among the most popular destinations in the state and throughout Mexico. The beach is close to the well-known rocks of Land’s End, in the center of Cape Town.

It has a unique feature, two oceans meet there. On the Pacific side is Praia do Divorcio connecting Praia do Amante; from how they are connected, the two depict human love, which is where the name Lover’s Beach comes from.

Although the coast is inaccessible by road or on foot, travelers can easily reach it by boat. They can use the water taxi to navigate from nearby Medano beach to Playa del Amor as it is the fastest route. For the best experience, visitors should sail on glass bottom boats to see fish in the sea and other attractive marine life.

Individuals can do various marine activities on the beach to bond with family and reconnect with their peers. The coast also has a bar and a restaurant. Travelers can visit them for delicious fresh seafood and amazing drinks.

Why visit Baja California?

Baja California offers great leisure treasures ranging from coastal beaches and hiking trails to quiet scenic deserts perfect for safaris. Also, this place is home to amazing wildlife. It is the perfect destination for those on an individual retreat or family vacation.

For travelers looking for a fantastic beach vacation spot in Baja California, the above options provide an excellent coastal experience. Choose your favorite beach and start your trip with peace of mind.

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