7 reasons to visit Canada at least 1 (or 2) times in your life

When most people think of Canada, they probably think of vast peaks, glacial landscapes, glacial lakes, and grizzly bears. And this fits like a charm! But Canada is so incredibly large and diverse that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Canada covers more than 9 million square kilometers and includes 6 time zones. So do not expect to be able to discover all the highlights of one trip … Are you still in doubt about where your next trip is going? Probably not after reading this article. These are 7 (out of dozens) reasons why you should ever have one unique trip through Canada must have made!

1. To Scandinavia for the Northern Lights? no way. Canada is it!

The Canadian province of Yukon is one of the best places in the world to see the ‘Aurora Borealis’ or the Northern Lights. There are a number of tours you can take part in that will give you the best chance to experience this magical natural wonder.

So you thought you could only see this show in Lapland or Norway? Then you are completely wrong!

2. Canada’s wildlife is phenomenal

It should come as no surprise; Canada is a paradise for nature lovers. The country has 48 national parks. And one is even more beautiful than the other. Alone in the huge Rockies, you can hike for several months without going through all the trails. And what about the famous Niagara Falls; the most iconic in the world?

Newfoundland and Labrador are also the Canadian destinations that few tourists visit, but where you will find stunning, unspoilt nature. Whales, black bears and many other animal species welcome you here.

3. Wine lovers will also get something for their money

Did you think Canada was all about snow and glaciers? Think again! The Similkameen, Niagara Peninsula, Prince Edward County, and Pelee Island regions, among others, differ from the rest of Canada because of their arid, sunny climate. Cacti even grow here.

In these varied landscapes you will find all kinds of grapes and vineyards committed to making the best “adult grape juice” you have ever tasted.

4. It is a top destination for families

Canada’s relaxed atmosphere and wide range of outdoor activities and events make it a great destination for families traveling with children. From hiking or skiing and snowboarding, to visiting the Quebec Winter Carnival or the Calgary Stampede; Traveling around Canada is fun for the whole family.

5. All seasons in Canada are magical

Because Canada is so large, of course, the climate varies enormously. This enables a wide range of activities all year round.

Western Canada, for example, including Vancouver, has a relatively temperate climate with little snow and early spring. This is in contrast to Montreal, which has long, cold winters with a lot of snowfall. And then of course you have the warmer destinations, such as the aforementioned wine regions.

In short, whether you visit Canada in the spring, summer, fall or winter, all seasons have their own charm and add to the country’s appeal.

6. There is also no shortage of vibrant cities in Canada

Canada has many modern, multicultural cities, each with its own unique personality. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are perhaps the most famous. But there are so many more that highlight different aspects of Canada. Every city is amazing for different reasons! Think of the maritime culture, the mountain landscape, French history or the indigenous people.

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In addition, Canadian cities are generally much smaller than their largest counterparts in the United States, so they are easy to navigate around. In addition, urban crime is relatively low and residents are exceptionally friendly. What else do you want?

7. Canada is the ultimate destination for road trips and camping adventures

One of the best ways to explore Canada and its natural beauty is to rent a car or RV and camp along the way. There are countless beautiful routes up for grabs. Such as Cabot Route (Nova Scotia), Icefields Parkway (Alberta), Badlands Parkway (Saskatchewan) and Yoho Valley Road (British Columbia).

In addition, Canada is the place to be to pitch your tent and sleep under the stars. There is therefore a wide range of campsites. Choose to stay overnight at ‘private campsites’, or at beautiful campsites in the national parks. Wild camping is also allowed in certain places (with permission).

Reasons enough? The only thing left to say is: Pack your things and head to Canada like a weed machine!

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