7 Convenient Bites at Pike Place Market in Seattle

One of the great features of Seattle, WA: the Pike Place Market. An old part of the center where, as the name suggests, you get a market feel every day. Local as well as international businesses have settled here and it is definitely worth spending an afternoon here. But then of course you also get hungry: where can you eat best?

Beechers handmade cheese

A cheese factory, do we not have more than enough of it in Holland? That’s right, but this one is in Seattle down town, and you can see how they make the cheese. Cool in itself, right? You can also taste cheese (for free, we love the Dutch!) And you can buy various cheese-related dishes. Think a bowl of Mac & Cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich? You can not get it more American and fresh.

1600 Pike Place, Seattle WA 98101

Daily boxes of donuts

A small business in Pike Place Market sells freshly baked mini-donuts. When you walk into Pike Place and you see a row going around the corner, you know you’re in the right place. A box of donuts (counted 24) is freshly made, and you can see it because the donut machine is next to the queue. You can choose from five different variants, but if it is too difficult, you can also choose the ‘assorted’ option. Then you get a pair of all flavors. The only question then is whether you take 12 or 24 …

93 Pike St, Seattle WA 98101

7 convenient bites at pike place market in seattle
The long line of people waiting outside to order a pie from Piroshky.


Maybe you are very familiar with the name, maybe you do not know it at all. I was not really familiar with this bakery myself, but was told via via that this bakery has been in a culinary TV show. The Russian hard-filled rolls are made entirely by hand, and because they are so in demand, they are usually sold from the oven. This small shop, which may only fit five customers, therefore often has a long queue outside on the street. But if you have salmon Piroshky in hand, it was definitely worth the wait.

1908 Pike Pike Place, Seattle WA 98101

Seattle Bagel Bakery

Next to the Daily Dozen Donuts stands Seattle Bagel Bakery. Different types of sandwiches are sold, but the biggest favorite is a variation on ‘sausage in puff pastry’. Surround a hot dog with a bagel dough and sour cream next to it for dipping. There are different varieties to choose from, but my favorite has to be the one with bacon. The perfect snack at your fingertips as you explore Pike Place Market further.

1525 First Avenue, Seattle WA 98101

7 convenient bites at pike place market in seattle
A small part of the always long line to Starbucks.


What would be so special about a Starbucks? You can find it on every corner of America. This Starbucks is the one that started it all in 1971. If this Starbucks had flopped at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, no one would have heard of the giant. This Starbucks branch is the same as the others, no specialty coffee, but you can buy collectibles. In addition, of course, you can also say that you have been to the very first Starbucks.

1912 Pike Place, Seattle WA 98101

Pikes Pit Bar-B-Que

This one is for meat lovers among us. A stereotypical American eatery where you can get a hamburger or chicken burger. You can stay under ten if you do not add fillings, but be honest: everything is better with cheese. If you’re lucky, which I haven’t had yet, you can sit next to the eatery, enjoy your burger and watch the burger makers grill burgers in the open kitchen.

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1505 Pike Place Market, Seattle WA 98101

Taxi dogs

Hot dogs will never become hot dogs again once you’ve been here. People with a creative idea can go out with ‘Taxi Dogs’. You can put together your own hot dog here and you can make it as crazy as you want. It starts with choosing from ten different types of sausages, and then you can choose from six different fillings. So there are more than enough options to put your ultimate hot dog together!

1928 Pike Pl, Seattle WA 98101

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