6 Best Oregon Beaches to Visit in Summer 2022

O Oregon coast is a place of fantasies. It stretches over 300 miles and is filled with breathtakingly beautiful scenery that will leave even the most skilled travelers in awe of what Mother Nature can do.

However, with so many beaches, coastal towns and scenic views to choose from along the coast, deciding which beaches are worth visiting can be difficult.

To narrow down the search for a perfect beach destination, here is a list of six amazing beaches.

Best Beaches in Oregon MAP

best beaches in Oregon map

Oregon Dunes Recreation Area

Oregon Dunes Recreation Area

Oregon Dunes Recreation Area, is among the largest temperate coastal dunes in the world. It was established in March 1972 to protect the sand formations of coastal forests and rugged beaches.

This is no small stretch of sand as it has a total area of ​​31,500 acres. By visiting the site, you will see why it is a popular tourist destination.

This leisure area is located along the coast and offers easy access to the beach. Taylor Dunes and Carter Dunes offer a quick and easy way to get to the sea. Access is also available via the Oregon Dunes Loop Hike. The Siltcoos Beach Day Access area offers parking and clean restroom services for beachgoers who want to get to the water quickly compared to other available options.

Locating a beach access point that is not obstructed by OHV access usually requires a short walk. When it comes down to it, you should consider walking the Shuttpelz Lake Trail or the John Dellenback Trail while enjoying the view of the Pacific Ocean.

Oregon Dunes also offers a variety of hiking trails. Depending on your time and commitment, there is always something you can do here. The Sutton Campground Loop hiking trail is worth exploring. It starts at a campground and winds its way through various ecosystems, including brackish lakes, forested dunes, and dunes.

The Siltcoos Lake Trail is a fantastic trail that circles the beautiful surface of the water for hikers and mountain bikers. This trail is also pet-friendly, so you can bring your dog here and enjoy night walks. On the other hand, the Hall and Shuttpelz Lake trails provide a cozy and peaceful retreat away from the crowds.

Canhão Beach

Cannon Beach Oregon

Another beach destination in Oregon worth visiting is Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach is a beautiful beach with lots of fun and phenomenal places to visit.

The tide pools, dramatic coastlines and wildlife are just a few examples of what you can find. A popular tourist attraction on Canon Beach is Haystack Rock. This is one of two Haystack rocks along this coast.

The less popular Haystack Rock is the landmark in Pacific City. It stands at 235 feet and is found close to the central beach, close to the downtown parking lot, at the end of 2nd Street. On foot, you can get here in about a mile. The best time to visit the other rock is when the tide is low. However, you cannot climb it as it is a designated wildlife sanctuary and also protects people from rockfall.

In addition to enjoying the magnificent view of Haystack Rock, you can also choose to fly a kite at Canon Beach. Flying a kite on the beach with Haystack Rock in the background is one of the most picturesque things to do. Don’t worry if you don’t plan on bringing a kite; Once Upon A Breeze has a lot to choose from. They have everything from beginner kites to ridiculously complex kites. Even if you don’t plan on buying one, it’s fun to see the kites they have for sale.

Gearhart Beach

Gearhart Oregon Beach
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Spending quality time on the coast is one of the most popular things to do in Gearhart BeachOregon. This beach plays an important role in the native leisure and recreation scenes. This beach has a lot to offer. You can enjoy less congestion than the neighboring beachfront to the south.

If you enter Gearhart Beach from Highlands Lane, you can drive down to the beach and travel north to Warrenton, approximately eight miles offshore. Or, you can take a short drive south to the Pacific Way beach entrance. While you can’t drive your car to the beach if you enter from Pacific Way, you’ll have access to things like basketball and tennis courts, restrooms, and picnic areas.

At low tide you can scavenge for beach dollars and collect shells on the beach. Gearhart Beach allows fires, but driftwood, you can’t burn driftwood. Kites, long runs, and sand volleyball are some popular activities on the long, shallow beaches, but you’ll need to bring your own net.

You can also visit the large sandbars that jut out into the sea at low tide. Keep an eye out for sand dollars on these temporary peninsulas as you also keep an eye on water levels. Otherwise, you will have to return to shore via the barren stream.

golden beach

Gold Beach Oregon

When precious ore was discovered at the mouth of the Rogue River in 1853, the town of Gold Beach was inspired.

Mines were not as thriving as elsewhere, but the metropolis remained. Then, in the early 20th century, gentlemen like Jack London and Zane Gray took an interest in salmon-rich waters. Today, the coastline around Gold Beach is breathtaking.

You can take a vacation break at Cape Sebastian State Park. Stretch your legs on a 2.4km walking trail to the cape and keep an eye out for whales from December to April. Jet boat rides on the Rogue River are another popular Gold Beach activity you can do. If you like to read, you will like the Gold Beach Bookstore.

With over 75,000 used and new books, this is the largest bookstore on the Oregon coast. There are westerns, novels, biographies, adventure books and a variety of first editions in the book collection. His leather-bound sets of popular novels are a lot of fun to look at. A small segment of art and gift cards are available. There is also a cafe in the bookstore that serves coffee, pastries, tea, breakfast burritos and light meals for lunch. It’s easy to get stuck on the shelves after eating something.

Around Gold Beach, there are also prehistoric gardens. There is one with 23 life-size dinosaurs on display. You will have to walk through the dense rainforest of the Oregon coast to see this garden. This is one of Gold Beach’s main attractions when traveling with children. The garden walk takes about 20-30 minutes. Children like to run around the garden. As a result, if you plan on visiting your child, plan on staying longer. The Prehistoric Gardens are about 20 minutes north of Gold Beach.


yacht beach

yachts is a classic oceanic village on the central coast of Oregon. Yachats is also pronounced “YAH-hots”.

The Pacific Ocean surrounds the city on one side and the dense expanse of the Siuslaw National Forest. Yachts have a unique natural charm due to their magnificent coastline and mountain scenery. For many, it’s also the pinnacle of Oregon’s coastal beauty.

There are several scenarios for you to enjoy with your family in this coastal city. You can start with the Cape Perpetua scenic area. This famous spot is located south of Yachats. Named by Captain James Cook in the late 1700’s, Cape Perpetua is now one of Oregon’s most prevalent coastal attractions. The cape, which rises over 800 feet above sea level, is accessible by car and offers the highest vantage point on the coast.

You can also take day and night tours of the designated scenic areas of the surrounding area. The Cape Perpetua Visitor Center, which is usually open all week for 24 hours, is the best place to start. Here you’ll find resources to help you plan your day of exploration. There are exhibits on the history of nature and the cultural resources of this amazing place.

The summit of Cape Perpétua is the next best spot. Cape Perpetua Observatory is about 2.4 km from the visitor center, 700 meters away. The day area and observatory are also accessible from the unpaved Cape Perpetua observatory. At the top, elevated views in both directions offer postcard-perfect coastal views.

You can also choose to spend the night by the ocean. Yachats has several family-friendly hotels and resorts. Some of these locations must be ranked among the best beach resorts in Oregon. There’s no cost to having a premium accommodation experience at a competitive price. Here you can enjoy sea views and various spa services.


Manzanita Oregon Beach

Manzanita is another beautiful beach town in Oregon. People prefer this beach over other beach resorts because it offers more than just a beach. This is one of the largest photographed places in and around Oregon.

Manzanita is known for its cozy atmosphere, fine dining, charming shops and art galleries. It has 7 kilometers of beautiful beaches and breathtaking views.

The beach is a fantastic place to take an evening stroll, walk your dog or enjoy the view of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Kayaks and surfers frequent the beach, but you won’t have to break a sweat. Manzanita also offers coverage if you want to relax in the shade under a comfortable beach chair. Volunteers at the Manzanita Visitor Center are open to questions you may have about the area.

If you like hiking, Oswald West State Park is for you. The park is just 4 km north of Manzanita along US 101. There are large trees, vibrant undergrowth and winding paths in abundance in this 2,500-acre nature reserve. These routes are part of the famous Oregon Coast Trail, a 362-mile coastal walking trail.

You’ll also enjoy stunning coastal and ocean views from many points along the trail. Places like Necarney Creek, Cape Falcon, Short Sand Creek, Short Cape Falcon, Sand Beach and Smuggler’s Cove are within the park. Some locals believe that smugglers’ coves hold the mysterious treasures of Spanish ships. Today, however, it is a common surfing spot.

As you enjoy walking along the magnificent beach, you won’t miss seeing Mt. Neahkahnie. The mountain is located in Oswald West State Park. Neahkahnie is part of the Northern Oregon Coast Range. The Tillamook people consider the mountain sacred, and its name derives from their language. Neahkahnie, which means “place of God”. Tillamook chief Kilchris claimed descent from survivors of a Spanish shipwreck in the 19th century.


From this post, you can tell that Oregon is packed with so many magnificent beach destinations. It all comes down to your taste in adventure. These are just a few exemplary examples that will help you decide where to go.

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