6 Best Mississippi Beaches to Visit in May 2022

Mississippi it’s a great southern state to visit. Rich in history, arts, music, culture and community, Mississippi has a thriving tourism economy. Bustling cities, a handful of small mountain ranges, the Mississippi River and several beautiful state parks have been major travel attractions for the state of Magnolia.

While these are all wonderful reasons to visit Mississippi, one of the state’s most overlooked attractions is the picturesque beaches. At its southernmost point, Mississippi borders the Gulf of Mexico, making it ideal for beach trips.

With nearly 80 kilometers of scenic coastline along the Gulf, Mississippi’s beaches range from overdeveloped and bustling to picturesque and peaceful. So whether you’re traveling with friends, on business, or with young families, there’s a Mississippi beach town for everyone.

There are Mississippi beaches surrounded by casinos, high-rise hotels and unbridled nightlife; these seaside towns are perfect destinations for party-focused travelers. However, there are also several quiet, undeveloped and tranquil beaches where visitors can spend a few days enjoying the peaceful magic of the Gulf Coast without flashy distractions.

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No matter what beach setting travelers find most appealing, there’s a Mississippi beach that’s perfect for everyone. Take a look at Mississippi’s six best beaches.

Mississippi’s Best Beaches MAP

best beaches in mississippi map

Biloxi beach

Stretching nearly 26 miles along the Gulf Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi, Biloxi beach is one of the most charming beach towns in the entire state of Magnolia. Beautiful sandy beaches with epic views of a 19th century lighthouse are just some of the reasons visitors come from far and wide to enjoy this oasis.

Biloxi Beach is the perfect setting to relax in the sun, enjoy a picnic, take a long walk after dinner or a range of beach and sea sports. Whether traveling with a group of adults or young children, this beach is suitable for both demographics.

Of note, Biloxi Beach, along with many others in Mississippi, was restored after Hurricane Katrina and has remained pristine ever since. Nestled safely behind the islands of the Gulf barrier, the waters are always calm and inviting. Perfect for a quick refreshment or entertaining the little ones while having hours of fun, Biloxi Beach is a must-see if you’re traveling to Mississippi.

Known for its perfect summer weather, Biloxi Beach is consistently 80s and 90s during the summer months. And when the temperature warms up, so does the water. In fact, mid-summer water temperatures can also reach the 80s.

Easily accessible from just about anywhere along the Mississippi coast, Biloxi’s beaches are typically surrounded by ample parking, convenient amenities, and other popular attractions. For example, the beaches are surrounded by famous seafood restaurants, exciting casinos, many historic attractions and much more.

One of the most popular beaches for its proximity to lots of entertainment and exciting attractions, Biloxi Beach is one of the best beaches to visit when in Mississippi.

gulfport beach

gulf porrt beach mississippi

Gulfport Beach is a sprawling stretch of white sand that stretches from Biloxi, Mississippi to Long Beach. Centrally located around several of Mississippi’s popular vacation towns, Gulfport Beach is both a travel destination and a popular beach for day trips.

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Gulfport Beach is vast in distance from the street entrance to the shore, which means it never feels crowded; this is the kind of beach where you can get ready for the day with plenty of room to spare. Perfect for relaxing activities like sunbathing, reading a good book or relaxing with friends/family, this beach is idyllic.

In addition to being a great beach for relaxing, Gulfport Beach is also ideal for beach and water sports. Flying a kite, catching waves, beach volleyball, a good run on the beach and other activities are great ways to pass the time while visiting this beach.

Gulfport Beach has many convenient amenities, making it an even more desirable location for Mississippi beachgoers. Ample parking, chair/umbrella rentals, sports rentals and even jet ski rentals are some of the ways a trip to Gulfport can be better.

A brilliant place to watch the sunrise or sunset over the Gulf of Mexico’s stunning horizon, Gulfport Beach is a serene setting with warm ocean breezes and picturesque views.

Additionally, Gulfport Beach is surrounded by desirable vacation rental properties, as well as hotels and motels. Surrounded by exciting casinos, wonderful restaurants, great entertainment and more, Gulfport Beach is one of Mississippi’s top vacation destinations.

Full of history, arts, culture, entertainment, proximity to New Orleans and, most importantly, the warm waters of the Gulf, Gulfport Beach is an unmissable summer playground.

Pass the Christian Beach

Pass the Christian Beach

Surrounded by historically charming houses and impressive oak trees, Pass the Christian Beach it’s one for the ages. The city’s laid-back lifestyle, along with its casual feel, make this beach the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.

Pass Christian Beach is a coastal town in every sense of the term. The beaches are utopian, the amenities are many and the local attractions are welcoming.

Speaking of the beaches, they are spectacularly picturesque and inviting. The sugar-hot sand is so gorgeous to stick your toes in and the stunning Gulf views are the best way to spend a Mississippi beach day.

A visit to Pass Christian Beach is as simple as packing a beach towel and heading to the beach. An on-site rental company has everything you need to make a day at the beach comfortable and fun. Visitors can rent beach chairs and umbrellas, as well as purchase drinks like soda, water, and more.

In addition to the convenient amenities, visitors to Pass Christain Beach can also rent sports equipment such as volleyball and jet skis, as well as a giant game of Jenga. Plus, there are always organized beach games and activities to keep the kids well entertained.

In addition, the beach is surrounded by boats and fishing boats, golf clubs, shooting ranges and a historic scenic promenade, to name a few of the amazing adjacent ways to spend the day near Pass Christian Beach.

Situated just 10 miles from downtown Gulfport, the beach’s proximity to entertainment, arts, culture and restaurants is unparalleled. Neighboring casinos, art galleries, antique shops, boutiques and delicious local restaurants are just a few other ways visitors to Pass Christian Beach enjoy their time.

Horn Island

Horn Island Mississippi

When looking for a truly special Mississippi beach experience, look no further, Horn Island. This 1-mile-wide, several-mile-long stretch of pristine beach is spectacular. One of the Gulf’s barrier islands, Horn Island is remote and only accessible by boat.

Fortunately, boats can easily be chartered from nearby seaside towns, taking visitors to this scenic, undeveloped beach. Once on land, visitors will experience a cerebral beach experience with white sand beaches, uninterrupted views of the Gulf and natural views from every vantage point.

Speaking of natural landscapes, Horn Island is home to beautiful dunes, tall pines, small palmettos and a handful of inland lagoons. Additionally, Horn Island is teeming with amazing wildlife such as ibises, manatees, pelicans and ospreys, to name a few. Migratory birds, incredible marine life, wild rabbits and much more can be observed on unadulterated stretches of beach on Horn Island.

In the mid-1900s, the beaches of the Isle of Horn were used for military training operations, but since then, it has become a beloved setting for artists and writers to draw inspiration from.

The perfect setting for completely unplugging, enjoying the beauty that is the Gulf Coast and savoring a slice of southern seaside perfection, Horn Island is a Mississippi beach not to be missed.


This secluded gem of a beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi is a favorite with locals. With ample parking up and down the beach, accessing Front Beach is a breeze.

Front Beach is a public beach with soft white sand and warm, shallow water; these are the perfect conditions to visit with small children who will enjoy diving into the calm surf. In fact, these precise conditions make Front Beach a desirable setting for relaxation as opposed to intense beach/water sports.

Another fun pastime on Front Beach is eating crab; as visitors stroll along the beach, blue crabs can be hand-caught for sport or food. In addition, nearby Ship Island can be accessed and visited via a short swim or ferry ride.

Flanked by adjacent walking/running trails as well as beautiful waterfront piers, Front Beach is a perfect place to enjoy spectacular Gulf views. Shaded areas and intermittent seating areas are perfect for basking in the views, enjoying a cup of java or reading a favorite book. Front Beach is also a popular setting for viewing epic sunsets.

Another interesting sight to enjoy while in Front Beach is the beautiful marine-inspired mural depicting the colorfully painted Ocean Springs Bridge. The bridge itself is a marvel and just a short walk from Front Beach. Take a break from the beach with a short stroll to admire the architecture and art represented on the bridge.

Surrounded by charming cottages and hotels just a short drive away, this piece of paradise is close to exceptional accommodations.

In short, Front Beach is a quaint, laid-back Mississippi coastal town that’s laid-back, beautiful, and welcoming. A perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday and live for a few days like the locals, Front Beach is a must.

Land of Waves beach

Waveland Beach Mississippi

This small Gulf-side beach is nicknamed “The City of Hospitality”, so visitors can expect the warmest welcome and the most pleasant stays. One of the things that gives Waveland Beach such a cozy feel is a ordinance that prohibited the construction of commercial buildings. As such, the shoreline of Waveland Beach is unobstructed and picturesque.

Although Waveland Beach has few amenities, it’s a gem appreciated by locals. The no-frills environment means the beaches are less crowded and the simplicity of the beach and the Gulf can be appreciated for its inherent value.

Loved by locals and visitors alike for its nature-based activities such as hiking, birding, fishing, crabbing and kayaking, Waveland is a wonderful place to experience all the Gulf Coast has to offer.

Adjacent to Waveland Beach is the popular Garfield Pier, where nighttime strolls, pier fishing and an epic sunset are much-loved pastimes.

Also close to the public beach is Buccaneer State Park, which comprises over 300 acres of waterfront property. Inside the park, there is a water park, hundreds of campgrounds suitable for tent and RV camping, a disc golf course, a beautiful nature trail and plenty of opportunities to observe nature.

Plus, while Waveland Beach is more of a local oasis, even more desirable for a relaxing, low-key vacation, the town is home to some truly amazing restaurants. An authentic Jamaican bar, a sports bar or two, quaint cafes, an amazing bakery and several fresh seafood restaurants can all be found on this idyllic stretch of just over 13 miles.

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