5x Adventure travel destinations during the Christmas holidays

Why would you stay in the cold Netherlands during the Christmas holidays, when you can also sit under the Christmas tree in your shorts? Or can you tow huskies on a sled dog tour through Lapland? Celebrating New Year’s Eve on a bounty beach or in the jungle? Cycling through Bangkok at Christmas or making offers in Bali? This and more is possible! Below you can read five adventurous travel destinations during the Christmas holidays!

Adventure travel destinations during the Christmas holidays

Normally we travel every year during the Christmas holidays. We love to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve elsewhere in the world. Last year we were unfortunately unable to travel due to corona. So we brought the Christmas feeling into the house, our palm tree was illuminated in the garden and the world map on the wall was beautifully lit by a Christmas wreath.

We hope that we can travel in 2021/2022. In this blog we give you five adventurous destinations during the Christmas holidays.

# 1 Christmas among the elephants in Sri Lanka

In 2019 we were visiting Sri Lanka three weeks before Christmas. Wonderful to experience the Christmas atmosphere, mostly based and originating from the period when Sri Lanka was still a British Colony. A must-do during your holiday in Sri Lanka is spotting elephants during a safari. For a successful safari, it is best to go early in the morning (at 6 a.m.) or at the end of the afternoon (after 3 p.m.). The animals are then the most active, which gives you the best chance of spotting them.

# 2 Winters Lapland during the Christmas holidays

During the dark winter months you may not think about it, but Christmas lovers have long known. The city of Rovaniemi is located right on the Arctic Circle in northern Lapland and is home to, yes, Santa Claus. The Christmas holidays are a popular travel period for families with children. Experience how cool it is to go on a snowmobile trip and a husky safari and hopefully you will also see the magical Northern Lights! Read more tips about the best outdoor activities in Lapland here.

huskieshusky safariFinland_husky_trip

# 3 Celebrating Christmas in Bali

Every year many Dutch people fly to Bali to celebrate Christmas there. And that is not just natural. From the winter weather and the cookies to a delicious cocktail on the beach. A big advantage of traveling in December / January is that you see Bali at its greenest. This is due to the rainy season, which means that there can be a downpour, especially in the afternoon. Fortunately, they usually don’t last long and then it clears up immediately.

# 4 Cycling through Bangkok

In 2018 we visited Thailand during the holidays. Thailand is a perfect destination for the Christmas holidays. December to May is the driest period and the temperatures are nice all over the country. What you have to take into account is that it is extremely busy during Christmas in Thailand, so accommodations are sometimes full quickly. So we arranged our stays months in advance to avoid disappointment. One of the best activities during our trip through Thailand we found the bike tour through Bangkok. During the bike tour you cycle through the narrow streets in China Town, markets and cross the Chao Phraya River. You will pass places where you otherwise would not come quickly. It is a great way to experience both the vibrant city life of Bangkok and the surprisingly green countryside in the countryside.

Co van Kessel in Bangkokadventure travel destinations christmas holidays thailandcycling in Bangkok

But Thailand of course has a lot more to offer. Spend the night on Christmas Eve on floating jungle rafts in Khao Sok National Park, explore temples in Chiang Mai or relax on one of the long sandy beaches in the south. We wish you a very happy Christmas holiday!

Adventure Travel Destinations Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

# 5 Magical Christmas vacation in New York

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New York is one of our favorite cities, we have visited the city several times. But the most special time of the year has to be during Christmas. New York during the Christmas holidays has something magical about it. The city, like many other parts of America, is decorated over the top with Christmas items. New York around Christmas is therefore an ideal destination to get into the Christmas spirit. You will find dozens of Christmas markets in the public parks in the city, you can skate on the world-famous ice rinks or visit a Christmas performance by The Rockettes. And of course a visit to the famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center should not be missed!

Adventure Travel Destinations New York.

Beautiful Christmas decorations are currently defining the street scene in New York.

the famous ice rink in Central Park

The famous ice rink in Central Park.

Rockefeller Center at Christmas.

Rockefeller Center.

More adventurous travel destinations?

Do you have any tips for adventurous travel destinations during the Christmas holidays? Share it in response at the bottom of this blog. Thank you!

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