5 Cool US Cities Where You Can Still Buy a Home for Under $200,000

You may be reluctant to invest in real estate due to high property prices in many parts of the country.

However, there are some nice cities where you can still find a lot of homes for around $200,000. Here are our top five suggestions.

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines

Des Moines is a fantastic city to live and work in. It’s a place with great jobs, wonderful schools, nice cities, short commutes and affordable housing. According to Forbes, Des Moines is the best city in the country for business and careers, as well as the best place to raise a family.

The community, which is known for being LGBTQ+ welcoming, has numerous alternatives to properties under $200,000, such as this two bedroom ranch just five minutes from downtown and this three bedrooms recently remodeled in Craftsman style.

  • Average house value: $191,340
  • Population: 212,031
  • Cost of living: 18.8% below the US average

Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Value for money is one of the most attractive aspects of living in Winston-Salem. The average income of its citizens is lower than the national average, but so is the cost of living.

While the typical property costs over $200,000, there are plenty of options for less, such as this recently restored three bedroom home with a huge covered porch and this three bedroom house.

  • Average house value: $231,727
  • Population: 250,320
  • Cost of living: 18.7% below the US average

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Not only is it a safe and affordable area to live in, but it is also an excellent option for retirees. Tulsa’s numerous restaurants, vibrant arts and entertainment, extensive outdoor recreation and robust sports culture all contribute to the city’s reputation as an ideal place to retire.

You can buy this elegant English style house or this four bedroom home with a huge back deck for under $200,000 each.

  • Average house value: $186,655
  • Population: 411,401
  • Cost of living: 16.8% below the US average

houston, texas

Houston is an excellent place to live and raise a family because of its thriving job market, cheap cost of living, and year-round sunshine.

You can buy a new construction 3 bedroom house a few miles from downtown for less than $200,000, or this newly updated 3 bedroom brick home.

  • Average house value: $270,365
  • Population: 2,288,250
  • Cost of living: 3.5% below the US average

Cambridge, Maryland

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Cambridge, on Maryland’s east coast, is one of the state’s first colonial settlements. Known for its significant history, classic architecture, specialty businesses and vibrant cultural scene, it offers residents and visitors a diverse selection of activities, and no matter what your hobbies, you’ll find a home here.

You’ll have plenty of hosting options with a budget of $200,000, including this attractive three bedroom Cape Cod style home close to downtown and this Historic three bedroom home built in 1918.

  • Average house value: $181,142
  • Population: 13,097
  • Cost of living: 15.9% below the US average

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