15 Best Places to Travel in the US in April 2022

April is a wonderful month to get out of the house and hit the road, especially after times of covid.

Spring is when the warm weather starts to set in, making it easy and totally enjoyable to be outside. It’s also when many places are at their best. If you’re planning to travel across the US right now, here are fifteen fabulous destinations that are perfect for your dream trip.

You’ll find each an inviting place with plenty to see and do. They are incredible places for a single person or for a trip with friends and family.

1. Boston for History

historic boston It is one of the most important American cities. With a history that goes back more than two centuries, it is also a place that is at once full of historic sites and totally modern at the same time.

April is when Boston comes alive with students and people taking a stroll along the Charles River. Hike the Freedom Trail and enjoy the light, airy weather. Head to the North End for a fabulous handmade slice of pizza and a well-made ice cream to cool off when you’re done.

2. Outdoor Denver

Mile High City has only become a world-class destination in recent years. It’s a city that has a mild climate during spring, so it’s easy to be outdoors in light clothing.

Go down 16th Street Mall. The mall has a free bus service. This makes it easy to hop on and off for as long as you want. The nearby Rockies are a must for those who love the great outdoors. You’ll also want to sample one of the many local beers in the city’s long list of impressive breweries.

3. Williamsburg through History

visiting Williamsburg in April

WilliamsburgVirginia is a whole city unto itself.. It is also a recreation of a city that was once one of the most important places in the United States. This makes it a must for history buffs as well as those who enjoy great architecture.

Come here before the summer heat sets in. You’ll find custom story re-enactors happy to answer your questions. The area is also worth a few days.

Nearby Jamestown is another historic recreation worth at least a few hours of your time. Have lunch at a local tavern and sample classic American colonial cuisine.

4. The Grand Canyon to enjoy without the summer heat

The Grand Canyon should be at the top of your bucket list. That’s because it has unparalleled views and a chance to see natural history up close. The South Rim is open to visitors and well away from the heat that marks other times of the year.

5. Washington, DC for Cherry Blossoms

april in washington dc

Washington, DC is another American city that comes alive in every way in the spring. This is cherry blossom season. They are everywhere in incredible bloom. Take the time to smell the seductive air along with the Jefferson memorial as you take in views across the region.

The rest of the city is just as charming. Indoor museums like the Smithsonian are free, so they’ll fit any budget. This is a good time to have lunch outside. Chinatown offers a full meal or a good selection of dim sum.

6. New Orleans for its famous food scene

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New Orleans is thriving again. Emerging from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the city is once again a delight for all the senses.

April is ideal as it allows you ample time to spend outdoors while experiencing the area’s deservedly known food scene.

7. Delray for the perfect time at the beach

As winter finally gives way to warm spring months, you’ll find yourself longing for the beach.

That’s one of the many reasons you’ll want to stop in Delray Beach. This is a small town with the kind of big city amenities that everyone loves.

It has miles of some of Florida’s best beaches waiting for you to explore. It’s also an easy drive from many parts of Florida and the east coast. Settle on a beach and watch a fabulous sunset that reminds you that summer is just around the corner.

8. Santa Fe for Mexican Flavors

Santa Fe is where American culture meets Mexican culture for the benefit of both. This is where you’ll find a lot of good things about the Southwest.

Mild days with little chance of rain is one of the many joys of taking the time to visit this part of the Americas.

The city is also notable for being home to a thriving modern art scene. Visit the area’s galleries and dine on local produce. It’s so easy to enjoy this city in April when the heat is down and the sky is clear and blue.

9. Austin for its vibrant vibe

austin city and river view in april

Austin it is a vibrant and trendy city that makes a great visit for the modern traveller. It’s all about having fun doing things like exploring the city’s wonderful music scene.

April means no colder weather or even snow, so it’s easy to be outdoors when you’re here. Go out and try the many wonderful things you will find to eat here. Texas barbecue is something to savor in every way. Try the ribs, then fill your plate with many popular local dishes and lots of wonderful sauces.

10. Nashville for the music and food scene

Lively and fun Nashville is a city that has a lot to offer. Summers can be quite humid. Coming here during the spring months makes it easy to see as many locations as possible without the need for a big hat.

This is a great time to experience the local country music scene in person. Live music is everywhere.

It’s also an opportunity to sample many southern foods from experienced cooks who know exactly how to use regional products and techniques. A well-prepared lunch with lots of crispy biscuits and deep-fried, crispy chicken is really ideal.

11. Anchoring to Nature

docking in spring

Gone are the cold nights of an Alaskan winter that can be hard on the skin. Instead, you’ll find that the warmer weather allows you to see as much of the city and surrounding countryside as you like in daylight.

Hop on a boat and watch the whales jump in front of you. This is the time to enjoy the natural world and all it has to offer. This is also a great time to visit Alaska for the traveler on a budget. It’s less crowded and cheaper. This makes the visit here even more pleasant.

12. Seattle for its world-class qualities

Seattle is a world-class city that everyone should explore at least once in their lifetime. It is also a city that has many things to do at this time of year.

That’s why so many people make this their home. This is also why so many people choose to visit here. Hot spring is when it all comes together. Grab a bite to eat at Pike Place Market and admire the wonderful views around every corner. April means plenty of deals that make this an affordable option for any contemporary traveller.

13. Park City for the ultimate ski trip

Skiing in Park City in April

The last of the winter snows are about to melt, but you can still do some wonderful skiing.

Open spaces are one of the many attractions in this all-American city. It’s a place that’s not too big to go around and have the chance to do everything you want to do in one trip.

You can snowboard one morning and then hit the hiking trails the same day. This makes it easy to plan a lot of outdoor activities during a corner trip here.

14. Philadelphia for spring hikes

Philadelphia is a city made for walking. It’s all about getting the chance to enjoy this American city when the leaves and flowers are coming.

When it rains, you’ll want to see one of the city’s amazing museums. Philly also has many other delights. The zoo is well worth a visit to see many animals. There’s also the chance to stop by the river and soak up the early summer sun with the locals. Grab a cheesesteak or other wonderful items at the Amish market and experience the area’s plazas for yourself.

15. External Banks for Foreigners

Off the coast of North Carolina, the Outer Banks are home to incredible locales at every turn.

April temperatures are rarely hot in this part of the country. This allows you to focus on being outdoors without the need for layers of sunscreen.

Visit the monument to the flight where the Wright brothers first took off. Take a Wild Horses Tour and have an amazing encounter with some very lively locals. See one of the many lighthouses that dot the islands and still keep visitors safe today.

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