13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

Too much misinformation on social media has wreaked havoc in relation to some potential discrimination against people who, for a variety of reasons, will not be able to get the coronavirus vaccine.

It is said that these individuals may have their rights revoked from booking tickets and traveling freely. Well, so far, there is no basic data to say that governments around the world are planning to do that.

In fact, Andrey Kovatchev, vice president of the Group of the European People’s Party, vehemently denied that not being able to produce a Covid-19 vaccination certificate would involve any kind of discrimination, but a different set of rules.

“There will be no travel restrictions or bans. People only need to decide for themselves whether they prefer a test and the possibility of being quarantined if the country requires it. “ Declared Kovatchev.

Powerful economic blocs like the European Union expect 70% of its citizens to be vaccinated in the spring or summer, so there is little scope for potential discrimination.

On the other hand, most countries have an urgent need to vaccinate their inhabitants before new highly contagious strains of COVID-19 reach their territories.

In that regard, a recent preliminary study conducted by Pfizer showed that the Covid-19 vaccine has little negative impact on the effectiveness of its vaccine, working as expected against variants in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

So, in an attempt to restart their economies, here is the list of countries that have already announced or reopened for tourism for vaccinated travelers.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

Estonia fell mandatory 10-day quarantine for vaccinated travelers and also for those who have demonstrated recovery from COVID in the last 6 months.

The country accepts vaccines from 9 different suppliers (including Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech or Oxford-AstraZeneca). The certificate must be in English, Russian or Estonian.

Those who arrive with a doctor’s recovery certificate will also need a negative PCR test done no later than 72 hours before arrival.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list
Cay Caulker Belize

Last week, Belize announced that – under Regulation 25 – the country has waived entry test restrictions for travelers who can provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

The government also mentioned that American tourists – its most important tourist market – can now enter the country without restrictions just by presenting the Vaccination Registration Card COVID-19, issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) after the immunization.

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“… This card includes medical information about the vaccine you received, the date of the vaccination and where you were vaccinated,” says the report. Please note that visitors must demonstrate that the last dose was administered at least 2 weeks before the arrival date.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

Widely known for its warm climate and confusing beaches, Cyprus was the first European country to openly announce its plans to lift quarantine and test requirements for all vaccinated visitors.

According to Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos, the government hopes to increase the number of international visitors and “further increase the interest of airlines in making additional flights to Cyprus and improving connectivity”.

The policy is set to take effect in early March. Details on how visitors will demonstrate their immunity have not yet been announced.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that all vaccinated travelers can enter Georgia by air, as of February 1.

They will need to provide proof of vaccination for 2 injections. No additional quarantine or COVID-19 tests are required.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list
Vilnius, Lithuania

As of March 10, all people visiting Lithuania who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recovered from the virus “based on a positive SARS-CoV-2 PCR test or antigen test result” can visit the country without testing or quarantine restrictions.

However, as of the same date, all returning visitors, residents or citizens will be asked to submit a negative Covid-19 test done up to 72 hours before arrival if they are unable to present a vaccination certificate.

All of these documents must be translated into Lithuanian, English or Russian.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

This Central American country is the first in the region to lift all restrictions on movement and entry of travelers vaccinated against COVID.

These travelers must present the document that certifies that they received the two doses of the vaccine at least 14 days before their arrival in the country.

All other travelers must present proof of a negative result from the COVID-19 test obtained 72 hours before their arrival. In addition, all those who have been in the UK or South Africa for the previous 14 days will need to isolate themselves in the chosen residence.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

Iceland with a cold climate, but a hot population has already set its reopening without quarantine or COVID-19 restrictions for May 1.

Visitors must be able to demonstrate what kind of vaccines they took, how many doses and when. Border control officials will ensure that travelers who have only had one coronavirus injection are not allowed to enter without restrictions.

Whoever chooses not to be vaccinated, will need to pre-register, do two COVID-19 tests after arrival and go through the mandatory quarantine until the end of the entire process.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

Lebanon has an exceptionally rich history, demonstrated by its multicultural architecture, unique cuisine and warm people.

International tourists can enjoy Lebanon once again, as the country has quarantine requirements raised for travelers who have been vaccinated (and have the document to prove it).

From now on, visitors from all countries can enter, as long as they obtain a visa. Some categories of travelers may even get one on arrival.

Unvaccinated individuals will need to take the test twice (96 hours before departure and again on arrival) and agree to a 72-hour quarantine.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

Poland’s numerous museums and beautiful architecture, as well as its natural attractions, are again available to immunized travelers.

Since December 28, all incoming travelers who present proof of vaccination against COVID-19 are exempt from quarantine and testing.

The country is not yet fully open. It still maintains a list of approved countries and only nationals from those countries are allowed to enter.

Visitors from approved countries who are not immunized, but have proof of negative results from the COVID-19 test, may also waive the quarantine requirements.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

As of March 5, people who have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine can enter the country without restrictions. This includes visitors from “high-risk countries”. Visitors from these countries are normally not allowed to enter the territory.

On the other hand, also from March 5, all allowed visitors must bring a negative COVID-19 test done 72 hours before arrival. If they do not, they will be quarantined for 14 days after arrival.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

Home to snow-capped mountains, forests, Black Sea beaches and a haven for biodiversity ecotourism, Romania is one of the most biogeographically fascinating countries in the entire European Union.

Heavily affected by COVID-19 in terms of savings and lost lives, the Romanian government decided to open its doors again to all tourists who took the second dose of a coronavirus vaccine 10 days after arrival.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

Blessed with year-round tropical climate, exotic cuisine and world-class scuba diving, the 115 islands in the Indian Ocean that make up the Seychelles are a must for all active travelers.

On January 14, the country announced its reopening to vaccinated tourists from around the world. All newcomers must provide proof of an “authentic vaccination certificate”. It should reflect that the visitor has already taken 2 doses of one of the four most popular vaccines.

Travelers able to produce these certificates are welcome to the country and do not need to be quarantined, submit any COVID-19 tests or do any on arrival.


13 countries already open to vaccinated tourists: full list

On February 12, Slovenia announced that visitors from the EU and the Schengen area who were vaccinated against COVID-19 can freely enter the country, with no quarantine or testing required. This also applies to people who have recovered from the virus and bring evidence (certified by a doctor).

They will need a certificate proving that they received both doses, the last one, at least 14 days before the trip.

Travelers from other countries will still need to comply with restrictions and regulations for now. Many countries are still banned and others should be quarantined for 14 or 10 days, depending on their epidemiological situation.

Open countries for vaccinated tourists – coming soon

As vaccination campaigns progress, travelers around the world can expect that list to grow in the coming weeks.

Public and private representatives of the tourism industry in countries like Denmark, Greece, Nepal and Australia have declared that vaccinated tourists are not a risk and can be allowed to enter.


The government announced a new reopening plan for vaccinated travelers in Phuket until October 2021. Vaccinated travelers must be able to skip quarantine.

As of now, the Thai Tourism Authority (TAT) has announced that the country will gradually reduce its entry restrictions. The government plans to start by reducing the mandatory quarantine from 14 days to 3 days. The official date for this first phase has not yet been confirmed.


Taiwan’s health minister said the plan to start reopening for vaccinated travelers is on the table. All visitors will need confirmation of two vaccination injections and a negative Covid PCR test.

Some other governments prefer to wait until a good portion of their population is immunized against the virus before lifting their current restrictions on vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors.

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