10 Best Places to Visit in Florida in April 2022

Are you trying to decide on a destination in Florida for this spring? With warm weather to enjoy and plenty of notable attractions to visit, from white-sand beaches with emerald waters that transcend the horizon to reptile-infested swampy national parks, the Sunshine State has something for everyone.

April is a fairly in-between month in which the typical cold March winds have subsided and the summer heat has gradually set in. It provides a serene period for various festivals, beach holidays and weekend freelance trips.

Whether you’re looking for a family, romantic or exploration getaway, Florida has a lot to offer for your next vacation. Here are some of the more interesting points to consider, but in no particular order.

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for beach time

treasure coast

O treasure coast is situated just above Miami’s most popular beaches. Cities that make up the Treasure Coast include West Palm and Palm Beach, famous for their fine dining, nightclubs and premium shopping opportunities.

Top beach recommendations include West Palm, Delray, Pompano, Palm, and Boca Raton beaches, which are characterized by pristine white sands, warm waters, and fewer tourists.

Each beach is unique and offers a variety of leisure developments and the Treasure Coast contains a plethora of luxurious accommodations to complement tourist travel experiences.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a series of tropical islands that stretch for about 120 miles between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Crossing the keys allows for panoramic views of the coastline and renowned landmarks.

Spring brings ideal conditions to enjoy the warm waters, natural landscapes, pristine coral reefs and sports activities like fishing and boating. The Florida Keys offers beaches in Key West, Key Largo and Marathon.

The underwater exploration of marine life and pristine coral reefs at John Pennekamp Coral Reef and Bahia Honda State Parks is an iconic attraction in the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys also has upscale hotels and resorts to enhance your travel experience.

Gold Coast

Situated on the southeastern side of Florida, the Gold Coast primarily connects the areas of Miami and Fort Lauderdale on the Atlantic Ocean. A wide range of entertainment and cultural activities awaits tourists, an epicenter of fun given the diversity of languages ​​and cultures.

Ideal beaches along the Gold Coast include Miami Beach, South Beach and Fort Lauderdale Beach. This destination is a very popular escape from the cold. Therefore, you will likely find many areas quite crowded.

For family fun


Alternatively, the theme park capital of the world, Orlando, is a popular family vacation destination. Orlando gets its nickname from being home to several theme parks such as the famous Universal Orlando Resort, Sea World Park, Disney World and Discovery Cove. The Kennedy Space Center is also situated here, allowing real-time interaction with astronauts.

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Orlando’s very central Florida location adds to its merits. Allows access to other cities and attractions without much travel time. The city also has a vibrant arts scene and numerous restaurants serving authentic international cuisines.

In addition, there are several festivals in Orlando, including the Epcot Flower Festival, which boasts impressive flower displays, live shows, and outdoor kitchens. The Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival accommodates all ages through theater, music, dance and arts activities.


Destin is also known as “The Emerald Coast” because of its beautiful beach waters. The local State Park is an iconic beach haven, and a stroll along its boardwalk is appealing to adults and children alike.

Big Kahuna Water Park is a destination famous in Destin for its crystal clear waters and friendly marine life. Dolphin watching is a major activity in the park, attracting the interests of adults and children alike and is simply a family-friendly escape point.

Amelia Beach

Situated on the outskirts of Georgia, Amelia Island is a family destination filled with southern charm and pristine landscapes that make for a happy atmosphere. A dash of Spanish culture exists in Amelia and adds to its diversity.

Several vacation homes, motels and other accommodation facilities stretch along the Atlantic Ocean and offer tourists remarkable stays.

A variety of recreational water activities for the whole family not limited to kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding and surfing are available. If relaxing is your priority, Praia Fernandina will offer you tranquility.

for entertainment


Miami is a popular entertainment hotspot, with the city’s bright lights providing a decent environment for fun.

The city sets itself apart from others in Florida for its multitude of rooftop bars, fine dining and luxury residences, ideal for parties and other entertainment shows. In addition, Miami’s various cultures offer a wide range of food and music-related forms of entertainment.

Ultra Music Festival, an annual electronic music festival in Miami, unites diverse artists and fans with an ultimate party experience. Downtown Miami truly is the epitome of fun.

Tampa Bay

Tampa is also seen as the ideal destination to enjoy a variety of food and drinks in the Sun State. The existence of local breweries like Cigar City and Coppertail offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy a few beers to cool off from Florida’s tropical conditions.

For sports enthusiasts, Tampa offers the pleasure of watching live sporting events and games from the resident hockey, football and baseball teams. Hard Rock Casino complements the trill for those willing to beat the odds.

Plus, being home to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, a famous theme park that incorporates a zoo, proves that Tampa Bay is indeed an ideal destination to satisfy your entertainment needs.

Exploration and Art

Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine, the oldest city in America, has existed for over five centuries. Naturally, it has become a renowned attraction site for people enthusiastic about history. It gives a perspective on how the architecture has evolved over the years as there are still old shelters visible.

St. Augustine unites visiting tourists with historic events as you visit the privately owned Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park along Hospital Creek. A tour of Castillo de San Marcos, a colonial-era fort, is also a Saint Augustine highlight.

In addition, cannon shooting, the Colonial Quarter, and the ascent of the 142-year-old lighthouse are other popular appointments in St. Augustine.

Mount Dora

Mount Dora is among Florida’s most iconic small towns, but offers great exploration opportunities for tourists.

It is very much associated with antiquity as various antique exhibitions and spring festivals are present from time to time. Furthermore, the shelters are typically vintage wooden houses with old-fashioned accommodations set amongst antique shops and pleasant cafes.

For further exploration, the Ocala National Forest to see Silver Glen Springs and Jupiter Springs is ideal.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island, dubbed the Sea Shell capital of the world, is a great destination for explorers. Sanibel’s beaches are explored in search of unique fragments of fortunes that have washed up on shore.

Characterized by minimal retail chains and chic restaurants, Sanibel strives to preserve its natural heritage while still growing in popularity.

Among the popular engagements available on Sanibel are bike tours of the JN Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Lovers Key State Park and reconnaissance of nearby Captiva Island.

romantic getaways


Apalachicola is a serene destination for people seeking seclusion and engaging with pristine nature. Tourists can interact with Old Florida experiences away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Located on the Apalachicola River, this coastal city attracts tourists with magnificent ocean views and warm hospitality from the locals. In addition to the exciting water activities available, the Apalachicola Chamber provides tourists with maps and allows them to browse the city’s historical lists.

Partners visiting Apalachicola can browse local shops and restaurants while soaking up the beautiful sights of the town square.


Sarasota, the nation’s top-rated beach residence, is one of Florida’s top tourist hotspots. Siesta Key Beach is iconic for its quartz sand and can enhance your beach experience.

The famous King of the Circus, John Ringling’s mansion, exists in Sarasota, and tourists have the opportunity to interact with the huge collection of art preserved there.

In addition, the Sarasota Jazz Festival is quite an attraction to add to your visit with live performances by established artists. Sarasota strives to preserve jazz culture, and this atmosphere mixed with fine local restaurants makes for the ultimate travel experience.

shopping destinations

Miami South Beach

Miami South Beach is the epicenter of luxury. From being able to shop for items from a variety of cultures to the most notable extravagant luxury brands, Miami South Beach is indeed the ultimate shopping destination.

O Lincoln Road Shopping Center in Miami South Beach is filled with trendy boutiques and exorbitant designers. Many themed bars and retailers dealing with summer accessories are also present to add to the shopping experience.


Despite being half an hour away from Georgia, Jacksonville is still recognized as a popular tourist destination in Florida. Relative to other Florida cities, Jacksonville is the focal point of economic activities.

Given its identity as a business center, many commercial establishments ranging from cultural to the most premium products. Tourists on a shopping spree are recommended to visit the iconic Five Points neighborhood and browse the many antique shops available.


April is the ideal time to visit Florida, given the pleasant weather conditions and low prices. Regardless of the purpose of your visit, Florida has something in store for everyone. Despite your choice of destination above, a delightful getaway in the Sunshine State is inevitable.

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